Tuesday, October 07, 2008

how Kazuma shaped my custom surfboard part 1

This is the first of a series of short videos that I took while Matt Kazuma Kinoshita was designing and shaping my new custom 6.10.
My plan is to publish them on a weekly base. Lots of interesting information, don't miss them if you want to learn something about modern surfboards design.
I felt extremely privileged to have the possibility to see my new board being designed under my eyes and to spend some time with a super busy (and super nice) guy like Matt.
He's doing incredibly well and his boards are begin appreciated all over the world.
Here's a couple of photos of the new shop that just opened just above the Haiku cannery.

Check out their website by clicking on the banner on the right.

PS. new NW swell on Sunday.


Consultas/Pedidos said...

Very Nice GP! Great boards.
I hope you post a lot of pics! I´m a amateur shaper, so i´ll be very excited.
What are the dimensions of the board? 6´10....


cammar said...

Big respect to all the amateur (and non) shapers out there.

My 6.10 is 20 wide and 2.75 thick. It's thick in the middle, but (as Matt says in the video) it's thin on the rails.
I've used to board twice in shitty waves (that's what we got this week) and I can tell that it paddles great and it's fast on the wave. Didn't really have the chance to do a real turn yet, but I have the feel that the board is exactly what I needed...
Stay tuned for the next videos, you'll like them.

Nord_Roi said...

Good Idea, can't wait to see next steps!
thanks to share that info with us.

Olaf said...

The first comment is mine, I don´t know why it doesn´t shows my name.. what ever.

GP, will be the board laminated with UV Resin? I mean, beacause of the hurry.

Olaf Henke

cammar said...

glad yuo liked the idea. Blog readers, please share it with your friends that may be interest too.

what hurry? Regular resin...