Tuesday, October 21, 2008

last sunday

Some photos from contributor readers to show how different the conditions can be the same day in Maui.

Let's start with Camille Juban at La Perouse. Sequence #1.

He did better in sequence #2.

Thanks to blog reader Tormod for those. Here's more windsurfing and surfing photos of that day.

Here instead, some photos from Sprecks from Bob.
This guy broke the mast in the landing of a forward and it went right through his board.

Good old Alex Aguera won the last speed event (and the whole thing, I think...).

Need a hand to outhaul, gals?

I instead, had a sweet shortboard surfing session somewhere in Lahaina. So, again, there were all kinds of action, no excuses to stay dry.
Here's my friends' favorite ones:
1) I didn't know there was a south swell (what?!? Too bad for you brah...)
2) The drive to the south shore is too expensive (sell that 6-8 cylinder polluting truck and get a cheaper car!)
3) The drive to the south shore is too long (go live somewhere where the ocean is 6 hours away and you'll know how spoiled you are...)

PS. Thanks a lot to all the readers that sent me their Superfreak Ultralight designs (see previous post). They are all good and even though I haven't fallen in love with any yet, they gave me some good ideas. Please keep sending them. I will put them together in a post later on.


Windwiner said...

Have you ever seen a mast go through the bottom of a board from a landing before?

mystery bob said...

Thanks for sharing some of my photos GP. I think Joe is the guy with the mast through the board. Since the extension appears to be in place, Bryan and I thought his cup spring on the top of his base is what failed....

cammar said...


the extension is in place, but only the tube. The base of the extension (where the pulleys are) is not there and that's what probably broke. That piece is still probably attached to the mast foot and that's what keeps the rig still attached to the board.
It's clearly the extension that failed and if I was that guy, I'd be quite pissed off with that brand (which I can't tell from the photo).
Anyway, I just did a fix like that to my board... pretty damn easy with the Pour resin (that you mix and expands into a foam).

tormod said...

And thanks for sharing my photos and web album GP. It was really cool to see the pictures on your site. It was a really a nice day there at La Perouce, even when only to take pictures. So no we hope for north swell to kick in, perhaps on Thursday?

cammar said...

Plenty wind and waves Thursday and Friday.
Then a very wintery phase of no wind, big waves and some rain for quite a few days...

Olaf said...

What about the story of your kazuma board? Don´t forget about it! I´m interested!

cammar said...

don't worry, plenty more episodes coming up soon.
Talking about Kazuma boards, team rider and next door neighbor Matt Meola won his first hit at the O'Neill cold water classic at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz and is about to start his second hit... now! Got to go watch him... (click on the link and then on live).
Boy, is that take off right in front of the rocks or what?!

cammar said...

He killed it. First place dominating the wave count. That kid rips.

Anonymous said...

Hey GP!! Jeff and I are loving checking out your blog as we get ready for winter here in BC! Although the fluffy interior powder is soo soo sweet, nothing really compares to what Maui has to offer! With Jeff making money and me finishing my degree in april, we'll be back to the island in no time! Can't wait to live the life again!
Keep the photos coming!! Cheers!

Steph (and Jeff)

Pål Rype said...

the pictures from La Perouse were taken on saturday !i was there as well ! it was so cool watching him edge his way upwind from the parking in no wind. he tacked back and forth over the reef and picked and choose the big ones !

cammar said...

Hi Pal,
thanks for the information... saturday or sunday, it doesn't really matter. Who missed, missed and who scored, scored.
Nice photos on your blog too. Looks like you guys are enjoying yourselves.
I liked this very much:

"Today i also bought a "Maui cruiser" for 800 usd.. i think its good, it only has one warning light in the dashboard !"


cammar said...

Hi Steph and Jeff (weird that your comment went before Pal's),
glad to hear that all is good and that you guys will be back soon.
Keep making the best of what you have...

Anonymous said...

the Guy is Florian Jung from Germany ;)

cammar said...

Really? Can anybody confirm? Pascal?

Ray said...

Nice pictures from La Perouse. I thought access was closed? Do you have to park on the road or is the parking lot still open?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for you blog man, it's great and really warms the soul.


cammar said...

apparently, they only closed the access to the lava fields...

Thanks Curtis.