Saturday, October 25, 2008

So much stuff to post, not much time to post...

...that's the story of my life!

This is not the suggestion of a color scheme from a reader, this is Jeff's personal 4.7 Superfreak Ultralight. I think I don't need ideas for my new 4.7 anymore...
Am I going to copy those colors? No, I'm going to steal that sail! So nice!!!!

Been busy in the ocean, either teaching, testing SUP boards for Windsurfing mag or having fun.
Thursday was a really good day with wind and waves. Too bad I had to test longboards from 9 to 12.30 at Sugar Cove (once you made it through the pounding high tide shore break with little or no wind on the inside, it was actually fun) and I had very little energy left for the sunset session...
Still, plenty fun in both sessions and I even found the time to stop at Hookipa to take a few pics in between. The light sucked, I'm only going to post three of Levi who constantly rips.

Top turn.

Bottom turn.

Mid wave 360.

More (and better) photos on Makani's blog. Looks like he took some videos too, so stay tuned.

Kazuma part three video and interesting ideas from a Euro windsurf shaper coming up soon. Stay tuned here too!

No wind and plenty waves for a few days, time to go surf. The wind should be back around Tuesday/Wednesday with plenty more waves.
Life is good.

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