Tuesday, November 04, 2008


So many photos to post and I have to get out ot the door in 15 minutes! This post is going to be a bit disorganized...

The following two beautiful photos (thanks Alex!) show Francisco Goya testing a twin fin prototype. Looks like the only one not to jump on board the crazy twin fins train is going to be Naish... wise marketing choice?
Considering how trend-followers windsurfers are, I don't think so...

The last couple of days saw the return of the gusty offshore conditions. Sure, cleaner waves, but boy... I sure didn't mind the steadiness of the onshore wind...
This is Cookie in a nice aerial yesterday.

These photos, instead, are from Sunday and were taken with my camera by Andres (thanks!).
Offshore and gusty... Glenn doesn't care.

You can tell how bad the wind was... thank god for my Superfreak! Unbeatable in these conditions...

Emblematic photo. No wind on the inside, a bunch of sailors taking waves on the head waiting for the next (30 knots) gust to finally water start... welcome to Hookipa!

Florian Jung.

Fredrick experiencing a very common thing these days in Maui: riding a wave with somebody on his way.

Francisco Porcella.

Me gasping for air (didn't go on the rocks that time!).

Got to go.
PS. It's election day, don't be a slacker.

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