Friday, November 28, 2008

Paia bay invitational

Great success of the annual Paia bay invitational surf contest.

I'm clearly going to start my self-centric report with a photo of the beautiful, picture perfect ass (talk about Reef models...) that was in my first heat and made me completely lose my concentration.

Look at me jumping in the water after her... what else can I be focused on? The waves?!? Gimme a break! (no pun intended)

Anyway, on top of being a model she's also a solid surfer and she kicked ass (!) and advanced. Unfortunately she had to leave and I got to advance in her place. She was strongly missed...
Ok, let's talk briefly about the contest now. Look at the organizational effort! I believe those 1,000 bucks could be spent only with the sponsors reported on the check...

The board.

The six finalists.

Da winnah: Michelle Crompton from Devon, UK! She ruled all the guys with late takeoffs, whipping turns and a kamikaze shore break tube ride, like Bruce Irons at Waimea. She didn't even need to flash her boobs to impress the judges, like she did in her first heat!!

Second place: Lee.

Third place: Poof. I mean, Sid.

And now a selection of beach scenes, starting with some of the judges playing football during the final... just to give you an idea of how serious the whole thing is!

Thanksgiving wasn't over yet, as a sunset sailing session was to be held at Mr. Henderson's place. We caught a couple of fun waves on our longboards and I met Eddie: a rock at Uppers that sticks out on low tide. It doesn't stick always out, though. Only when the wave approaches and sucks the water off the reef... not particularly easy to spot.

Today it's Friday, the big NW swell is on the rise (9 feet, 18 seconds at 7am at the NW buoy!), the contest at Sunset beach in Oahu is on (women first), the weather map shows no wind all day...
It's going to be an epic surfing day and right after this post, quickly made while sitting on the toilet (I'm sure you guys are thrilled to learn that), this is what I am going to do: surf and enjoy yet another marvelous day in Maui.



Lano said...

Sounds like a great day GP. To me it looks like you were set up, what with that lovely girl in your first heat? You were so excited that you developed a 'centre board', you were never going to win with all that drag!

yann said...

One of the best posts ever!! Super comeback from the last one!!!!
Dude I have to say that although I I check you blog all the time,I have never left a comment. Now I had to! It really is on top of all my bookmarks and it´s usually the first thing I check before anything else. So cool to get a glimpse of what life in maui is like and all the days you guys score over there. If I end up quitting my job and moving to maui it´s your fault!!!!!!!!!!!

cammar said...

Lano, 'zup!

Yann, just FYI.
This blog doesn't show how life in Maui is like. It shows how MY life in Maui is like!
I know plenty unhappy people here, I call them Maui whiners.
Happiness is a state of mind and can be obtained anywhere. A nice place helps, of course.
Glad you like the blog, keep checking it and tell all your friends. Cheers.

fswp said...

it took me several minutes before starting to read...

great opening !