Tuesday, November 25, 2008

to post or not to post

Some bloggers post almost every day even when they haven't really much to say.

I instead, usually like to make my posts full of stuff. Sometimes though, I accumulate so much material that it will take me a whole day to put it together in a satisfying manner. Since I don't have all that time (in particular this morning I only have like 15 minutes) I'm going to break my rule and do a lil post.
Let's see... here's a list of things I could post:

1) reef model (don't get too excited)
2) underwear website link
3) windsurfing pole vault video
4) quatro/goya/mfc sale banner
5) photos kanaha (mine and alex)
6) photos hookipa (mine and jazz)
7) Kazuma series
8) my new wave board quiver (I still have to take a photo of this)

You guys post a comment and let me know what you'd like to see first.
In the meantime, enjoy a couple of photos of Hookipa yesterday. Diony is back on the island and he's quite visible in the water with that yellow Fire...

It was pretty damn windy and I was debating if to go out on 4.2 and 68l (yes, my favorite kind of conditions...), but when I saw Kai Katchadourian riggin a 4.0 I wisely decided to pass...
That's what I did to my foot the day before with 4.5 wind... imagine what I would have done to my body with an overpowered 4.2!

These guys in Holland, instead, don't seem to mind strong wind... amazing photos! I would have surely died... while wearing the wetsuit!
Respect to all sailors in the world that sail in those temperatures and those conditions.

Got to go work! Aloha.


Anonymous said...

Post only reef models, please! It's enough.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote to see your new wave-board quiver with photos next!

Lano said...

Would I be pushing my luck for 1, 4, 5 and 6? That foot looks very sore, hope you are icing it a lot!

enricowave said...

Sicuramente, in ordine di apparizione:
I'm an Italian guy, obviously I want to see, in order:

1) reef model
2) underwear website link (I hope girl's underwear... eh!eh!eh!)
3) photos kanaha
4) photos hookipa
5) new wave board quiver
6) Kazuma series
3) windsurfing pole vault video
4) quatro/goya/mfc sale banner
Thank's a lot for your attention
see me at: http://enricowave.blogspot.com/
Also in Italy now it's very cold, but the aloha spirit inside me is very hot!!!
aloha & good surf!!

Pavlos Parissis said...

I would say 5, 6 and then 8.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see No. 3 because I really do wonder how EVEN YOU can make a wave-board quiver!!!!

Hope someone was around to kiss your foot better. Bless.

Mater x