Monday, November 10, 2008

Hookipa aerial fest

Another day of strong offshore winds. I tried to sail, but no way I could enjoy it. So I happily derigged and went to Hookipa where the pros were having good time (when not falling in the jibes or catapulting in the gusts or having the sail ripped off their hands when water starting...).

Sailor of the day: Kevin Pritchard.
When I took this picture I thought:"I better use less zoom with Kevin... he's starting to go out of the screen!"

On the next wave I used less zoom and he did another big aerial, this time one footed, perfectly landed on the wave face. He may not know how to spell poll ;-), but sure enough he knows how to rip in offshore conditions. Remember that crazy aerial at Cabo Verde?
10 from the italian judge.

I took tons of photos, it was hard to select a few more main page deservers.
Levi destroying a lip.

Keith got confused. He thought he was surfing and he got barreled.

Mark Angulo (the photographer survived).

Florian Jung.

John Skye had a session at Sprecks earlier. Looks like he didn't get too tired...
Hey, he has a blog too!

In this slide all the other worthy photos.
Unfortunately there's an annoying song as a soundtrack (you can mute it on the top left), that's why I didn't embed it.
That's the end of for me. Anyone feels like recommending a good slideshow site?

Big waves on the horizon. Next swell is going to pretty damn big, but pretty damn west too... 300-315 uncle Pat says. God bless the West Maui Mountain...


aq said...

i cant hear my heart beating;)) thanx from baltic sea, hang 5 - aq

ps: our dk fest:

check dk fest video in some weeks:

Anonymous said...

GP you're slacking - no yikes in this entry. I cannot believe there was nothing worthy for your camera lens on the beach.

Mater x

Anonymous said...

i like the photos of kevin's arial but keith's bottom turn is pretty nice too. those shots of someone with the rail buried and the rig layed out forward are great.


antonio said...

Hi everyone,

found this website long time ago, and I wacthed it almost everyday, or maybe more....hahaha
My name is Antonio and my pasion is the pics of windsurfing. At least I could get one of me dreams in my live...."take pictures at Ho´okipa from the water". The last days I got many nice shoot from the wather of Robby, Kevin... YEAH!! ONE OF MY DREAMS GOT!!!
And now I was wacthing this website, and I found one pics of me (ok, of my camera) at Ho´okipa....
WOW...hahaha. Now it´s me who are in the website....hahaha. Amazing!!
Apology my english I am from Spain and still I don´t speak english very well.


P.D.: This is my website: