Thursday, November 20, 2008

Windsurfing Movie Two interview and new blog sponsor

Howzit everyone, been and will be busy with friends visiting and odd secret TV show jobs, so I didn't take any photos at all.

There have been waves and wind, fun but nothing epic.
Hence, it's a good time to publish a little interview to Johnny De Cesare and Jace Panebianco about the Windsurfing Movie 2.

Also because just yesterday I saw that awesome movie again...
Considerations: as soon as I saw Levi riding on single fin, the movie immediately looked kind of old. He definitely does shorter radius turns now. Maybe I should really consider to get a twin fin... too bad I just added 2 (two!) single fins to my wave boards quiver (stay tuned for that)!!!
But then I saw Polakow at Backyards (definitely my favorite part of the movie) and I relaxed... Those deep bottom turns in the flat, way in front of the wave face followed by sick hits to the lip still look good enough for me... too bad I'm not Polakow!

Let me welcome a new blog sponsor. You'll find the link clicking on the banner on the right. They were smart enought to buy 6 months in advance now that the price is still low ($40/month).
Hurry up advertisers, before it goes up again!


Steph said...

Personally, I am much more a fan of the rail-burying turns that Polakow and others used to (and some still do) throw down...i understand the benefits of speed and manuverability offered by these twin fins, but the style just doesn't do it for me... i guess its just faster and usually not as smooth or powerful, unless of course you're Levi...

That being said, I think that us non-pro sailors could potentially benefit alot from the increased ease of turning.i know i've always had a hard time controlling those bottom turns...

This is obviously just an opinion from someone who's done alot of watching and not enough wave-sailing. What do i know :p

Lano said...

2010? WTF? I cant wait that long!