Sunday, November 09, 2008

Goya demo day

Well, you should have been there... too late now!

Anyway, these are (part of) the boards that you could have tested this afternoon at Kanaha. Francisco, Lalo, Keith Taboul, Jason Diffin all there to help you with your setup.

Problem was: too much wind!
Check the graph: 20 to 35... my kind of conditions!

I tried the 2009 72 and 66 custom wave series and liked them both a lot. The 66 in particular was my favorite, seen the nuclear wind.
Anyway, thanks guys that was fun.

Not much to brag about this (supposingly) great wavesailing week. A new swell filled in today, but with the wind like this, so strong, offshore and gusty, it was really hard to enjoy the wave riding... at least for me!

Is there anybody in Maui that still gets excited about strong wind forecasts?
Strong wind in Maui sucks, because it's gusty. Unless it's onshore or side-on, in which case it's not gusty, but it sucks anyway, because it creates tons of chop. So, there's no escape: as I said, strong wind in Maui sucks.
That's why I get excited instead when the forecast is for light or no wind (as long as there's waves).
Like the one coming up: Wednesday light wind and starting Thursday no wind (or light Kona) for quite a few days. With a large WNW swell arriving at the same time (the two things being extremely related, since the captured fetch will get close enough to the islands to bring BIG waves and shut down the wind), that means epic surfing.
Yu and Hu!

I hung out with the boys (and the girls!) at Kanaha the whole day, so another day with no photos. But I'm going to start using a rich reservoir of great photos taken by Chico. There's some real gems. I'm going to publish them one at the time whenever I need to. Windsurfing mag showed some interest in a couple of them and there's a possibility that they will publish them. So I'll leave those out.

BUT, all of a sudden the pasta with artichokes I'm cooking while posting is coming together, so I don't have time to select the photo.
In other words, come back later to this post for that...

And all of a sudden after dinner it got late and my wind-abused body needs to rest. The photo will have to wait... 'Night.


Robin said...

So it will be a good morning to you when you read this, good morning!

You might want to check these pics from ho'okipa:

In Holland just 2 days of great sailing, now back to work....

Lano said...

You Tease!

Anonymous said...

for someone who is so outspoken about others not complaining, you sure do a lot of complaining yourself when its too windy. quit whining that living in perfection can be less than ideal sometimes. just enjoy it for what it is.

jeff E of the Great White North said...

yo G, where do you get your windforecasts for maui?? and also where can i find yearly windfaverage charts..thanks G
p.s be there in january for two weeks , wedd'in anniversary ... so well windsurfing not a priorty, gettin sum lovin, after 10 years, well.. we only can hope.LOL

jeff E of the Great White North said...

Also kudos to the goya crew, a demo days put thme above others. IMHO that is . G, do you see other board makers do demo days?? like starboard for instance?? they have the majority of the market share so why not!!

cammar said...

Hey Robin, thanks for that link!

Lano, you're right. It didn't work out this time...

Anon, true. But a lot of people that don't live in Maui read this blog and I want to give them the whole picture. As you say, living in paradise can be less than ideal sometimes and I fell like reporting that.
I personally enjoy Maui anyway doing other things (like taking photos -see next post- or going surfing south), but sure enough I do not enjoy the strong gusty wind. So my message is: vacationers that come to Maui, don't get too excited if you see a strong wind forecast, because that'll probably suck. IMO, of course.
Excuse me if I try to inform...

Jeff, I do my own wind and wave forecast checking a bunch of sites. The most important for the long term is this one that gives the modeled weather maps.
If you just want to see a number, instead, is pretty accurate.
I do see other board makers doing demos once in a while. I don't think Starboard has a sales rep in Maui, but I might be wrong.

Anonymous said...

i rode one of francisco's new boards in san carlos and loved it. normally, i wouldn't even think of having a boutique board but his new design was a great ride.