Saturday, October 10, 2009

and that's another lovely fetch we got there, lads!

This time it's in the south Pacific...

That'll send a big south swell around Oct 17th. These "out of season" south swells go relatively uncrowded because there's waves on the north shore. So if it happens that you score thanks to this blog, I'll demand gratitude...

Couple of links.
As already seen on, Bruno Sillac and Fabrice Beaux posted online the preview of their new video.

Francky has been shooting the awesome surfing action at Hookipa and posted the photos on his website. Nice flash light shots too! And very nice use of facebook albums. Even though I'm not the greatest fan of FB, I might have to think about it.

Too many words and not enough photos? Allright, here's a random shot from the Alex files. For once Levi is not the main protagonist of a windsurfing shot. Don't know the jumping sailor, though.

NW buoy clearly on the way up with 7 feet, 10 sec from around 330 at 6am. Nothing yet at the Waimea buoy. Here in Maui, we might see something by sundown this afternoon (Saturday). But there's still leftovers from the previous swell to be caught! I just received a report from Lowers that was still breaking... and with a 10 feet tiger shark in the lineup...
That calls for an uncrowded session!

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