Thursday, October 01, 2009

the Alex files (1) + the new (unreal) HD GoPro

Yesterday Alex brought me a memory stick with a bunch of photos he took at Hookipa lately. They are great and I will use them to fill the posting gaps when I don't have photos of my own to post. Thanks a lot!!

Let me start with a quiz.
This is the blog author in a sequence of a top turn apparently in control.

Now, how in the world do you guess that he was able to end up this sequence with this?
You guys try to imagine it. I'll publish the rest of the sequence tomorrow...

Fortunately didn't hit the rocks that time...
Talking about which, Mikey (AKA Big Mike) claimed a rock trip yesterday (and I went super close too), so he enters the rankings (on the right column of this blog). I see this contest a bit struggling to take off. Too bad because in addition to Hot Sails Maui I have other sponsors pushing to offer their prices, but I first want to make sure that there's enough competitors... come on you guys!
The current windswell episode is on the way up, that should help.
Let me remind you that to claim a point you have to leave a comment on the contest facebook page (or just tell me at the beach if you see me). Important: only the rockstar in person can claim it.
Things like: "Hey, I saw ABC on the rocks!" won't count.
It's easy to go on the rocks, but to claim it takes balls!

Ok, ok I hear you. One more photos for you guys today: Laurent.

And now check out this amazing video of the HD GoPro.
Unreal. It's the best video I've seen. In any genre. I'm in awe...

The people at GoPro never disappoint. Every year they come up with some huge improvements.
The first GoPro I bought could only record short videos and had no sd card.
Then the sd card and 54 min videos came.
Then a bunch of mounting options.
Then the wide angle.
And now the High Definition.
Can't wait to get one!


Wind obsessor said...

Looks pretty choppy! Did you loose the backend and trip the rail??

Lano said...

Did you drop the sail while trying to get the hair ot of your eyes?


You spotted a Roxy girls photo shoot on the beach?


You needed a wee?