Sunday, October 18, 2009

week recap + Hookipa Rockstar Contest sponsor updates

Been busy... doing what? Here you have it.

Thursday 15: absolutely epic, glassy waves most of the day. Unfortunately I had already committed to helping a carpenter that I hired for a small construction project at my new studio, so I had to work with him from 8am to 5pm. Probably the last time I worked all day like that was my last day of work at HP in Italy, circa end of January 2001.... omg, does that suck or what?
Reduce your needs, work less and play more you guys, that's all I have to say.

Friday 16: I had a day off and had to make up for the day before. Hence I surfed for 1.5h, took a yoga class for 1.5h, took a fat nap for 1.5h and then went sailing super fun waves with super light wind at Hookipa for 2.5h. Ah, much better now.

Saturday 17: I sailed Hookipa with more fun waist to head high waves and very light wind on the inside. Sunset surf on the south shore with the new south swell on the rise.

Sunday 18: didn't manage to wake up early enough for south shore down patrol, so I'm taking it easy... at this point it's gonna be crowded no matter what. But I know that already, so I won't care and I'll have fun anyway. Where and doing what? Somewhere beautiful and something fun. Plenty of both in Maui.

I don't like posts without photos, so I'll use the Alex files again.
The one on the top is Nico with a high jump. This one is 12yo Bernd with a backloop.

Mark Winslow did this nice SUP surfing video and I'm happy to publish it.

2 WAVES 2 DAYS 1 NW SWELL from Mark Winslow on Vimeo.

He makes the SUP Neptune paddles with an interesting shape. I never tried them and probably never will, since I'm living a very NON-SUP phase of my surfing... unless I end up winning the Hookipa rockstar contest, since he kindly offered one of his paddles as a price!

Another potential sponsor for the contest is Maui Fin Company which will add prices to the already existing mast extension from Hot Sails Maui.

So there's nice prices to be won out there, hurry up and go on the rocks you guys!


Anonymous said...

I appreciate you didn't enjoy working for a WHOLE day but some people do have to work to put food in their mouths!


cammar said...

Hi Anne,
that might be true for the countries where the wages are less than 2 dollars a day (believe it or not, that's the majority of the world working population.. how fucked up is that?!!).
Most of the working population of the western countries, instead, work the whole day NOT to put food in their mouth, but to afford to buy/rent/own unnecessary material things, most of the time driven by what the brain washing media tell them to do and most times all that shit don't make them happy.
That's the kind of people I was talking to.
For example, I just moved from a bigger studio to a smaller, WAY less nice but cheaper one, in order to be able to work even less and play even more.
My priority is to have fun and that makes me a very happy person. That's why I suggested what I suggested.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't say it better Cammar.
Some people really think that working and earning big money without really having a good reason to spend them is freedom. That is frightening...
I'm not saying Anne that You gotta live on social money and have fun because it is f****** up the other way round but You gotta have some distance to Your life and not let yourself be trapped in a cage of "succes" which makes you the slave of your own every day life when you don't even have time or will to admire how many good and beatiful things surround You.