Friday, October 23, 2009

What a fantastic Sunday! (part 2)

Did I say I'll post part 2 the day after I posted part 1?!?
Shoots, I must have been busy!

Anyway, as usual, I got so much stuff to post about and little time. So for now all you get is a slide show of a nice two turns sequence that Tormod took of me that day. The action is lame compared to the pros, but it gives an idea of how much fun it was...

Let's have a look at this photo now.

One of the many things I like about the Superfreak is that it has the widest PVC window in the market. Most wave sails (like the one in the background for example) don't have a proper clear window anymore. Manufacturers assume that you can see through the X-Ply just as well, but I find it distracting.
On the other hand, I hate monofilm windows (well, I hate monofilm!), because they scratch easily and they get cloudy pretty quickly (and they're noisy!).
So PVC is my favorite choice for a window: it doesn't scratch as easily and if it gets temporarily cloudy (like if you rinse the sail off with fresh water - what an overrated thing! - and don't let it dry), you can wash it with soap and it will come out as new. It also gives a softer feel to the whole sail and that, as you probably know, is what I like.

Thanks again to Tormod for the photos. Check his blog he has some great shots of Francisco Porcella. Hookipa in fact has been quite good every day this week, with waves and veeery offshore wind. Lots of big aerials, I feel like mentioning Camille Juban's ones too. Gun sails had a fotoshoot and he was just going off.
Allright, off to surfing.


/ Patrik said...

# 24 Nice spray - pro spray! : )

Keep the stoke. It's always worth checking your blog.

Anonymous said...

try raising your boom height, so much better!

TonyWind said...

I concur, great top turn (or whatever is called) Giampa. Are you going through a second youth?? ;))

cammar said...

Thanks Patrick.

after watching some of the photos (specifically the ones in the transaction between bottom and top turn), I thought it was way too low too. But then in the bottom and top turns (when the sailor has to be bend like a cat rather than stand straight) it looks allright. Nonetheless, I have already raised my boom one inch in the last three sessions.
I haven't found and advantage at all.
Not even much disantage either, other than a slight discomfort when slogging in very light wind.
So, thanks for the tip. I'll keep working on that, but what's good for one doesn't necessarily apply to others.
Mark Angulo puts his boom very low, for example.
It's a matter of personal preference...

Tony, thanks. All this practice is slowing paying off. I still honestly think I suck compared to the good guys and I think I should be way better than I am, but when you move to Maui at 38 (and start surfing at 39!), that's what you get... I'm stoked, no matter what. What counts is the fun that one has. And for that it really doesn't matter how good you are... but it sure helps!

Another factor that is helping is that I'm sailing Hookipa more consistently. Watching the pros from so close and so many different angles does help a lot. The other day I was in the water after I fell on my wave and Francisco Goya did a turn right around me... my god was that a great thing to watch or what? Never mind the wave that wiped me out right after that...
Good luck with your recovery!

Anonymous said...


I actually had to take a closer look at that last top turn to see if that was still you or KP! Not kidding!

cammar said...

Time for an eye exam! ;)

Anonymous said...

pleeaase put your boom up!!

cammar said...

Noooo, thanks!

Did you read my previous comment?