Thursday, December 03, 2009

North Shore Poised for Epic Transformation: big, bigger and bigger.

I liked the title of one of those excellent surf contest update emails from Jodi Wilmott and I borrowed it, adding how the surf is today and how it is going to be: big, bigger, and bigger.

The 5 days forecast from Surfline is quite explicit.

Notice how the monster swell in excess of 25 feet (open ocean height) on Monday makes look like a small one the other extra large one on Saturday (15 feet) and like an insignificant one today's one (which is already double overhead plus instead).
And Tuesday is going to be even bigger!
Oh, and there's also a respectable out of season SW swell of three feet on Firday/Saturday that completely disappears in the chart...

Anyway, unlike for super strong wind forecasts (which I pretty much dislike), I can't help myself being excited by giant waves forecasts. It's going to be hard to find a place where to surf, but just watching at the ocean when it goes seriously off is a source of great pleasure... at least for me.
Hopefully they'll run the Eddie. Most likely they will run the contest at Sunset today.

For the Maui sailors: looks like there will be two narrow slots of sailable afternoon today (Kona) and tomorrow (north). Make sure you won't miss them.

Got to go surf! Everyone, be careful out there!


Anonymous said...

I heard "the bigger swell in decades" . Hype or reality?
Hopefully they get some wind to sail Jaws again!

Olaf said...

Oh my god!

can´t imagine.

cammar said...

Just read Pat Caldwell, he's no bullishit.