Saturday, January 16, 2010

15 feet, 18 seconds from NW and still going up

Saturday January 16 saw excellent conditions for a super light wind slog and surf session at Hookipa. I caught a couple of really clean waves and then took a few pics.

Kauli is an amazing sailor.

Being dropped in is never a good feeling. But in this case there's two facts that should make it more acceptable:
1) a standup surfer (like any other surfer) has priority over a windsurfer, since for him it's not as easy to catch a wave (I just wish all standup surfers would apply the same rule towards regular surfers)
2) the standup surfer is an old windsurfing glory like Miki Eskimo

Actually, there's a third fact that should make it more acceptable:
3) you end up on one of the coolest blogs on the planet.

That's the end of the windsurfing section of this post. Before we move into the surfing one, let's enjoy a couple of 'lifestyle' shots.

I use to like women with toe nail polish. It might be the result of all these years living in an higly hippy populated area like Paia, but I now find it kind of disgusting. I'm still not much into hairy legs though.

Here's a happy gal.

She's paddling out. You guys make a mental mark of the bikini bottom level.

Michelle's attire is not quite as sexy, but it's definitely warmer. Nice wave sistah.

Surfer dude 1.

Surfer dude 2.

Surfer dude 3.

She's now paddling in and after a whole session in head high + waves at Hookipa the bikini bottom is at the same exact spot. Now, how's that possible... she puts it there intentionally, that's my guess. And I'd like to thank her for that.

Tomorrow yet another giant swell will hit. This one was generated by a storm that wasn't as close to the islands as the previous ones. That should make for longer periods and cleaner waves.

I can't wait to ride some. And, unless I die tonight, you can be absolutely sure that I will...


PeconicPuffin said...

Excellent technical analysis of biini levels. Followup research is recommended.

cammar said...

Yo Michael,
don't worry. That is a fascinating field that I am committed to study for the rest of my life.

Anonymous said...

Genial post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

Anonymous said...

It is true that surfers have the right away over windsurfers, but the reason is that windsurfers are the more maneuverable craft and therefore must give way. But luckily kite surfers are considered more maneuverable than windsurfers. So they have to give way.

wally said...

I think her strategy is to use a bikin so small, there's no hydodynamic drag so it can't get pulled off.