Wednesday, January 06, 2010

epic Kona Kanaha (or Kanaha Kona if you like...)

I've sailed the Kona at Kanaha about... twenty times maybe and yesterday was for sure the best so far. Reasons:

1) the wind wasn't crazy offshore as usual. It actually got more and more side off as the day progressed.

2) The West Maui Mountain provided the perfect shade for the giant WNW swell. Lanes got pretty damn big in the afternoon, but in Kanaha it was head to logo with sporadic mast high sets.

3) I was quite dialed in!

Both Alex and Chico were taking photos from the beach, can't wait to see them. In the meantime enjoy a few shots I took from my head gopro camera.

This is Petch on a logo higher.

Plenty smooth and peeling faces like this. I got so many waves and sailed quite inspired to the point that I received a couple of compliments from the friends on the beach and those are always welcome. It truly was a magic session for me.

See the guy downwind of me? Didn't bother me at all. The light offshore wind was keeping the faces of those waves up for so long that there was room for plenty turns.

Here's a little clip of a four turns one.

Today it should be more about surfing than windsurfing, but we'll see. I have a day off and the winter configuration of my trusty wagon includes one windsurf board (the floaty one: 80l), two surfboards and an SUP board. The plan is to go to the beach and do whatever is more appropriate according to the conditions. As long as there's waves, I can't go wrong.

Ah, one more photo from the car after sailing. One other great thing out of the lack of trade winds (other than the glassiness of the waves) is that the Haleakala is often cloudless. I think it's a gorgeous mountain and I'm always fascinated by it. I grew up in a place with a volcano and ended up in another place with a volcano...

PS. Seen this on Thanks Brian for calling me a "man of ecological values"...


millhead said...

your blog is my daily reprieve from snowy Rockford, IL

mahalo for taking the time to keep me up-to-date and providing a glimpse of where my sister and bro-in-law live every day...the gorgeous island of maui



Windwiner said...

Howzit GP,
Any particular reason you are using a Naish boom? What do you like about it more than other booms you have to choose from?

cammar said...

Millhead, peace back.

Windwiner, here's what I like about the Naish boom I'm using:
1) it's reduced diameter. I have short and chubby hands...
2) shape
3) through the shop I work for, I can have it at their cost price and that's really cheap.

Here's what I don't like about it:
1) the clips of the extension only have one pin and sometimes they accidentally open
2) it's not particularly heavy, but sure even not the lightest boom in the market

For years I was only using carbon booms, but at the frequency I go on the rocks at Hookipa, it was getting too expensive. Plus I have now established the 4.7 as the biggest sail I use, and at that size the difference in stiffness with carbon is relatively less.

Overall, for me it's a great boom for its price. Maybe not as much for big guys and big sails. I've seen a couple of bent ones...

And now you tell me why you called your newbord Christofer Naish... congrats, btw.

Windwiner said...

Thanks for the feedback on the boom. I'm looking to replace my current booms so wondered how you liked it since it seemed an odd component given your affiliation with HSM. Why did I name my son Christopher Naish? Robby has been my hero since I was 13, that's 27 years of windsurfing for me now (and still a kook). I used to live in Kailua and still think he is one of the most genuine professional athletes in any sport. It might be silly to some people but it makes me smile and my wife thought it would be a great tribute to someone who I have admired for so long. And there you have it.

cammar said...

I think you should tell him with a message on facebook...