Saturday, January 09, 2010

that epic kona day

Alex sent me the pics of the epic kona day we had on the 5th. Thanks a lot!

Andres started out with a big bang.

Hot Sails Maui team rider Alex Sansouci on a logo higher.

Junko hits a lip while someone gets drilled down the line.

Blog author was carefully selecting the head high ones, because they didn't close out.

Jeff (Val's boyfriend) checked out the reef upwind. Nice shot!

One turn on a logo high or four on a head high? It's all gooood...

The rights were long, very long.

In the meantime, Maui is continuously pounded with big waves. At times so big that's it's hard to find a spot that is ridable. We also had one day of rain and light onshore wind. After so many days of sunshine and glassiness, it was great to finally have the chance to take a day off the water...
No rest today, the wind are back to light offshore... got to go surf!

Check out the weather map of this morning... what an incredible winter!


Anonymous said...

wow, big aerial!

Magnum said...

Man, what a place to sail. Great shots!

Anonymous said...

I am green with envy looking at your blog. We've had snow in England since 17 December and the forecast is for a lot more to come.
Lucky, lucky you living in paradise.


pierre said...

superbe !

I was in maui for the first time on thanksgiving nov26 dec2 ans sailed kanaha on ENE, the swell was not as big but I have terrific memory.
lucky you :P
pics quality is top.

Anonymous said...

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