Sunday, January 31, 2010

it's all relative

Considering the incredible winter we're having, Saturday afternoon's conditions at Hookipa were considered below average...

Not enough to stop Matt Meola and his buddies from ripping the hell out of those "small" waves... (and me from having some serious fun myself!).

New swell on the rise, today it could possibly be a sailing day. But for sure it will be a surfing day (and the Volcom Pipeline Pro will be probably on) in the morning hours, so I'm off to dawn patrolling.

Oh, KP celebrated his birthday with his family on the bluff... happy birthday!

PS. Can someone fix the Waimea buoy please? I need to know where to go surf and at 6am it's still dark for the webcams...

1 comment:

Magnum said...

What a nice way to celebrate a birthday, right by the sea. Great photo. All the best