Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An intense day of surfing

Once again in this UNBELIEVABLE winter, Sunday the waves in Maui were as good as they get.

I checked Hookipa early morning and the spectacle was unreal. Way too many surfers for my ability though. Not a problem for Matt Kazuma Kinoshita instead, who was hitting the lip at every single turn, fully in control, in the middle of all the other surfers...
I just watched the Occy documentary dvd, and I have to say that Matt's backhand turns reminded me of him... and that's a hell of a compliment!

Here's a clip from my session.

And here's a few shots.
Let's start from this one on my last wave in, because it clearly shows how content I was about my awesome session.

This mini sequence shows how clean the waves were. Didn't get barreled.

This one also shows the cleanness of the waves. Do I look like Philippe Noiret or what?

The mysterious foam ball.

I remember this wave very well. Me and Sid saw a big set and started paddling out. Even though it was his turn he was too deep for it, so he yelled:"go GP, it's yours!"
"Damn, now I have to go", I thought and turned my board just in time for a late drop...

If I look worried, it's because I am.

Made it.

Now I'm at the bottom of the wave. Thanks to the speed I got from the steep drop, I pushed hard on my back foot and cranked one of my best bottom turns ever. Unfortunately the camera (that was shooting every two seconds) missed it. Oh well, it felt good anyway...

And now iniziating the top turn. God, surfing is so much fun...

After my session, I went back to Hookipa and took some pics. The waves were still nice, but not as good as earlier. Imagine that.

Weather windsurfing, tow-surfing or shortboard surfing, Francisco Porcella always goes for it.

A brazilian ass is always welcome on this blog. Big wave charger and top canoe paddler Andrea Moeller hasn't lost her femininity despite her incredibly strong muscles.

This is the weather map of today Tuesday 1 26 morning. That deep low will send yet another major NW swell arriving Wednesday afternoon.
This afternoon light Kona and relatively small waves.
Tomorrow afternoon, big waves and onshore wind.
Thursday, big waves and a very short episode of light trades (don't get excited folks, it's going to be cloudy and quite possibly too light/onshore to be sailable), before the whole thing will start over again, thanks to another big waves generating deep storm.

Bart got some nice SUP footage on his blog.

And, even though a little more flat than Hawaii's ocean, Jeff posted an interesting windsurfing on ice video.

The Sunset Pro SUP contest will be held February 6th to 14th. Check the incredible rides with which Ekolu Kalama won the first event in Tahiti.

In the meantime, the Volcom pro at Pipeline hasn't started yet.

This post contains 24 photos, a video clip, a forecast and five links to other videos/contests. Appreciation, please.


benjaminpink said...

Great blog GP! I read it all the time and it is great how you keep it up to date. Its been a rainy few weeks in Northern California, so despite the swell in the water it hasn't been so great. Heading for the mountains to ski this weekend though :)
keep up the great work on the blog,

Windwiner said...


Anonymous said...

pics number 4 still the best...it looks like you got a good asset-driving on the water wall !

hi said...

Appreciated , without a doubt. Going mad here in the cold cold winter, but still a bit part of the action when reading your blog.

bil7y said...

Here's just a little Appreciation.

Nice work Giampaolo!

Robin said...

Much appreciated G.P. The pics blew me away (and not only pic. 17, allthough only that would one have done it for me too ;-) ).

Still freezing cold in the Netherlands thanks for sending us some sunshine!!

Anonymous said...

Always appreciated, GP!

Ely from NYC