Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pascal loves Lanes

Post update.

Looks like Francky loaded more photos of that day here.
And the last photo of the gallery c'est moi. Thanks Francky!

In the meantime today two things happened. Well, plenty more, but two that I feel like mentioning on this blog.
1) Contrary to my wrong forecast, the trades today blew pretty strong (at least in Kanaha). Fully powered on a 4.7, I wish I had my small board with me, but sure it was fun.
2) The first day of the Volcom pro at Pipeline was completed. Here's a photo of Jamie O'Brian, who absolutely dominated his second heat posting a 10 and a 9.33.


Tuesday saw light Konas and occasional head high waves at Lanes. When I got in the water around 2.30, there were something like 20 sailors slogging around.
Very difficult to catch waves, since the wind on the inside was extremely light.
Francky showed up with his camera and everyone pushed it a little harder.
Pascal got the photo of the day.

When Francky left, most sailors left too and just four of us stayed. I thought I was going to catch a lot more waves, but the wind was so light that it was still very challenging to be in the right spot at the right moment.
I got out around 4.30 and thought:"maybe I should go take some photos of Pascal... Nah, he's been out for a while and the wind is dropping... he's going to come out of the water soon..."

Then I started chatting and forgot about it. When I left around 5.30, guess what I saw from the highway...
The man was still out there slogging and ripping the hell out of those waves. I pulled over and shot this little sequence on a wave. What he did on that wave is way more that I was able to do in my whole session.

But, other than underlining how good he his, I'd like to point out what kind of a soul sailor he is. I'm sure he's stoked if he has photos (like everyone else), but I'm also sure he was loving the fact that he was the only one out there (together with one kitesurfer) and that he could enjoy IN PEACE the beautiful colors of the sunset light and those port tack light offshore conditions he really digs.
Good job.

PS. The Volcom Pipeline Pro is on in gnarly conditions with 15 feet mean barrels. Unfortunately their website is experiencing problems, but I'm watching from the surfline webcam and what I see looks scary.


Rayburn said...

Pascalito! It looks like you had some fun!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the flowers giampaolo!

cammar said...

Who's that, Pascal or Jaime?