Friday, January 15, 2010

are the trades back?

Yes, but on the light side.

In the meantime, yesterday we enjoyed a fun-nish session with the north wind. Don't be deceived by what you see, because these guys make it look 100 times better than what it was.
Jake won the contest "who's sailing best while I take photos" with sick aerials like this.

The performance was quite exceptional, considering that a guy called Kauli was out. He replied with this backloop on a rare gust.

But Jake killed it with another sick aerial.

That's how the average waves were. On Kauli's defense, I have to report that he had been in the water for many hours and tested eight (!) different sails. I guess he might have been a bit tired...

Kauli is one of the most dedicated professional windsurfer I know. He's incredibly focused on training, testing material, staying fit and flexible.
I was very impressed when a few years ago I called him for an interview for the magazine I work for. Knowing him I chose a rainy morning with onshore wind.
"Hey Kauli, shall we meet this morning for that interview?"
"Well, maybe later today. I want to go check if there's wind in Kihei and practice a bit of freestyle..."
"What? Are you out of your mind? Ok ok... I'll call you later"
Trust me: it was pouring down and the weather was really ugly.

Here we go, this one's for the ladies. Very George Michaelish look...

Windsurfers hanging on the beach after the session. Probably talking fins, shapes, boards, stuff like that...

Or maybe board graphics...

Someone else prefers to collect shells.

Yet another beach in paradise.

This is this morning's weather map. Notice two things.
1) that weak high pressure that is sitting north of Hawaii and will generate light trades for a few days
2) that monster low up high that will send yet another big NW swell in a few days.

Allright, it's 11.30am I'm off and it's blowing 10 to 20. I'll see you guys at the beach.

PS. Forgot to mention that the winner of the other contest "who's sailing best while I'm out sailing" was - hands down - a strapless kitesurfer. On the beach I found out his name: Ian Alldredge. Here's an example of what he can do on mushy little waves.
While watching him out there I was thinking:"wow, I really would like to learn that", but then on the beach I watched the struggles of a not-as-good kiter. Kite in the water, lines tangled, board out of sight, being dragged on shallow reef...


Davide Giardini said...

Grande Cammar! Oahu is good, but Maui is even better!

Anonymous said...

ciao GP .. fantastic pics colors...wave ...averything ! about kauly I agree with you 100% ..he is super cool guy !
....who's Jake ?

cammar said...

Davide, that is true unless is summer time.


Anonymous said...

I agree about the strapless kites - low or high winds, crappy (for you) wind waves and the good guys here in Victoria BC are just a joy to watch. Some of them are just amazingly fluid in combining wave rides with transitions. That short, steep, learning curve though!

Davide Giardini said...

...then I'll make sure to return this summer!