Saturday, October 16, 2010

the best routine in the world

The last three days of my trip were spent in London.
What a beautiful city that is, but for beautiful that it can be, it's still a city: a very unnatural place where to live.

The last day I caught an early subway train to Heathrow and observed the army of clerks in suite and tie going to work. Hundreds of people, not a single smile.

Now that I'm back in Maui I already got back into a routine myself, but... what a joy!
Early wakeup, surfing, four hours work shift, photoshoot at Hookipa waiting for the crowd to thin out, windsurfing, dinner, sleep.
That's what trips are for, for the Maui residents: to come back and appreciate even more the magic that we have.

Chronological order, even though Boujmaa probably deserves the photo of the day award anyway...
Couldn't zoom out fast enough, but sometimes even a close up mid air without seeing the wave is cool.


I was only away for a month, but a few sailors got better (or at least perfected some moves). Laurent is one of them. He landed this goiter smoothly.

Plenty international sailors on the island (some training for Cabo Verde). Robby Swift doesn't go unnoticed.



Flo Jung.




Is this Luke?

I'm writing a nice article about Ireland, so that post will take a while. You guys relax and enjoy the Maui scene in the meantime. BTW, if there's any magazine editor interested in it, my email is to the right.

Ah, a few links:
- The October issue of the International windsurfer.
- The 16.3K views (!!!) video by Tormod
- Hookipa reef cleanup tomorrow
- Sunday October 23 Paia town cleanup.


meesh said...

unless you go to Fiji, then it's a bummer to be back in a routine in Maui!

Anonymous said...

Oh man! It's good to see you posting again. You come back to your heavenly routine and the least I can do is go back to reading your blog every couple of days !
Keep on riding :)

benjaminpink said...

nice photos and nice to see you back posting again