Sunday, October 31, 2010


That's a hell of a storm, but it's in the "wrong" place and it will move away from us.
I think wave models are over estimating the size in Hawaii.
Not that it makes too much difference for me if it's extra large instead of giant...

Maui, what a place!
Yesterday was supposed to be light wind and small waves.
Instead Hookipa was totally sailable and plenty overhead sets. Just the usual 40 really good guys out.
I waited till 4pm and around 5pm there were finally only 4 sailors out. That's when the surfers come out though, so you have to let them have their share too.

My last wave was a logo high bomb that caught all the surfers too far inside. Only one, my buddy Tim, was in position on the shoulder right in front of the rocks.
He paddled like crazy for it, while I was watching from the peak and couldn't stop a big smile when I saw he missed it...
Thanks Tim, I hope you got plenty more after that.
That wave did not go wasted! :)

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Anonymous said...

OH!! CANADA!!20 FEET @ 18 SEC..