Sunday, October 17, 2010

there it is

This is the storm that will generate the swell that will hit Wednesday.
Quite unusually it's coming down from above the Aleutians, but I don't care where they come from... as long as they come!

Super fun sailing session yesterday. The highlight of it for me were two waves I shared with Buojmaa. Man, that guy hits the lip pretty hard and it's overly cool to watch it from a 3 meters distance while bottom turning under him...

Didn't take any photo, but the good news is that Francky is back, so today it should be both him and Jimmie shooting. Waimea buoy steady at 4 feet, 8 seconds out of 20 degrees... it's not great, but not flat either. The level in the water is so high these days that the show is guaranteed. Wind forecast looks better for the big swell, Thursday should be a real cracker.

In the meantime, south shore on a small rise, I guess I'll go SUP surfing before work again. Aloha.

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