Friday, October 29, 2010

finally light wind and sunny!

What a beautiful day to be off yesterday was!

After a few days of rainy weather and strong gusty winds, yesterday it was sunny and the wind (still very offshore) was light.
A 2 feet NNE ground swell snuck under the radar and together with a 8 feet windswell provided some fun waves to slog and surf.
I went out around noon when the wind was super light and for an hour it was just me and Nick Warmuth sharing waves. Each time it probably took us something like 10 minutes to slog out and get in position again, but at least there was no competition and the waves were absolutely glassy.
No surfers either, since the early morning had been way windier.

Then the wind picked up a bit (but still slog and surf) and 20 more windsurfers came out. A little more power in the sail to crank the turns, but more people to compete for the waves with.
On one I had Kevin Pritchard upwind and Robby Naish downwind and I asked myself:"and now, what do I do?"
I got out of their way, that's what I did.
Anyway, happy after a two hours session, I went for lunch and photoshoot, and then I went out again in the late afternoon for a couple more waves. Francky was in the water and as usual he took some amazing shots that can be admired in this gallery.


This shot shows the two Ultra Light (made out of a dacron like the kites' one) custom panels of my Maui Edition 4.7 Superfreak. It also has a extra light mast sleeve (not a good thing if you break the mast) and yesterday I rigged it on a 370 with 34cm extension. I think I like it better on the 400 bottom - 370 top combo that I normally use, but I could definitely feel (and love) the lighter weight of the rig.
I think that's the lightest 4.7 on Earth. For sure the softest and most comfortable. I just love it.

Here's my photos in chronological order.



Bunch of celebrities in this one: Robby chats with Michi Schweiger while Mark Angulo gets out of the water and Boujmaa enters it.

Peculiar bikini (check the top).

Slightly megalomaniac.




Michi broke the mast.

This is the surfline 5 days forecast. At 16 feet, 15 seconds from around 340, Jaws should be quite big Tuesday afternoon. High tide will be around noon, but that is one spot where I have no idea what the tide does. Probably not much with such a big swell...

Last but not least, ladies and gentlemen, here's Dax, a cute little bugger that knows how to plane at age 7.

6am. The damn wind is already on it, I'm going to check the surf anyway.


Anonymous said...

Dude why is your boom so low? Did it slide down after a flat landing?

cammar said...

My custom 4.7 was made right after another custom sail for a guy who likes a boom opening very, very high.
Unfortunately, that specification remained on my sail too and the right position for me (perfectly shoulder high, as you can see from the photo) is all the way at the bottom of the opening.
Looks like a kook, but I don't care.
In other words, my boom looks low, but it's not.