Tuesday, October 26, 2010

big one ahead

As I anticipated two posts ago, the pressure configuration in the north Pacific is about to change.

The strong high that is generating the strong, gusty, ugly trade winds and at the same time blocking the formation of any ground swell (plenty windswell, though) is going to give way to a beautiful winter caliber low (the center reads 952!) and that is what we like over here.
This map is modeled for Nov 1.

This is the WW3 model output for Nov 3 and as you can see the swell will just starting hitting the islands. Oregon and California will get it even bigger.
Get ready everyone.

I saw this video on James' blog. Pretty scary stuff.


TonyWind said...

Look at the guy on the right (at second 15) laying down on the rocks to get sprayed by the kitesurfer...pretty cool...BTW, yes it takes balls to go that fast between the rocks...

Nord_Roi said...

I'm not a fan of kiting, but that run was scary fast and scary!

(Ben) Jamin Jones said...

I just posted a similar forecast on my blog before seeing this. I'll just say that like minds think alike. I like that. -- jaminjones