Monday, October 25, 2010

Hookipa 10 24

I had a day off and between my two sessions I took photos. Strict chronological order.


He's all about forwards off the lip these days.








Swift stresses the mast.



Andres one foot backloop.


Andres crash of the day.

Swifty is a goiter machine.

Alex is ripping on his new custom board. He let me try it (thanks!) and that thing is super fun. I only caught a few waves. I need to try it again and eventually get one... 23.5 inches wide (59.7cm) for an 80l board, flat deck and very short.
Sounds good to me.

Aurelian bottom turns on a decent sized one while Anatol watches.

We should call him Aerialan!

Last, but not least, a beautiful girl.


enricowave said...

Great Cammar!
Very nice also the post from Ireland, (much more similar to the temperature of my home-water) and also the one of Sharon on Hodgepodge (always great pictures) ... you are fortunate that you turn the world...
Here in the Adriatic, Winter& is coming, but luckily your posts make me dream of the islands warm ... at least in my dreams!
I took your advice and I'm getting better with the GoPro (not HD) see me on:
aloha (again with the hope of find you with hot ... my 9 years old daughter already knows you and is dreaming Hawaii every night ...!!!)
Bella Cammar!!!
Molto bello anche il post dall'Irlanda, (molto più simile alle temperature di qua) e anche quello di Sharon su Hodgepodge (sempre foto splendide)...beati voi che ve la girate...
Qua in Adriatico sta arrivando l'inverno, ma per fortuna i tuoi posts mi fanno sognare le isole portandomi il loro caldo...almeno nei sogni!!!
Ho seguito il tuo vecchio consiglio e sto migliorando con la GoPro (non HD) see me on:
(sempre con la speranza di stringerti la mano al caldo...mia figlia di 9 anni ti conosce già e come me sogna le Hawaii ogni notte...!!!)

Anonymous said...

On first looking I thought you'd taken the Irish rain to Maui, but then realised it was her jacket.
You don't often photograph jackets!


windydoug said...

LOVING the old school graphics on Mark's Angulo board. That logo was genious and meant you belonged on teh beach back in the late 80's around Rochester NY. Somebody tell Josh and Ed to put those graphics back on the boards for 2011 or 2012. Not sure of the island theme they are rocking right now......not generic enough to not steer some people away.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap that old school Angulo rocks. I'd love a video of MArk talking about their new / old shaping ideas. Especially what he is doing with the assymetricals. Next thing he'll be bringing back the tinkler tail! My first wave board was an 8'3" Angula circa 1988. That thing ripped. I've got to dig it out and try it again. although the deck went completely soft.