Monday, April 11, 2011

Boujmaa's cheesroll into backloop!!!

First, a little update on Boujmaa's conditions.
He's going to spend a second night at the hospital because they want to make sure he will have no complications with his lungs. Just a precaution.
Unfortunately I learned that he also broke a finger. That's going to keep him out of the water for a couple of months I'm afraid. But that's nothing compared to how bad it could have been. Bones heal.

So overall, I'd say this is a happy ending story and I'd like to celebrate one of the most innovative windsurfers of the recent years with one of his crazy jumps that he made at Lanes, just before the accident.
The sequence was again taken by Agustin (gracias again).
It is a cheesroll into backloop and a when friend first told me about I thought he must got confused...
Here it is instead. Hats off to you Boujmaa, you are no doubt one of the most spectacular sailors in the world. Everybody's cameras miss you already :)

Thanks to reader Nelisblog, here's a gif animation of the sequence.

And thanks to reader Patrick, here's a clip that shows his first attempts.

Foubackward from boujmaa guilloul on Vimeo.

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Nelisblog said...

I took the liberty to make a GIF of the great sequence!

Free to share!

Tanya De Leeuw said...

Excellent news that Boujmaa's on the mend ... some time off the water is better than the alternative!

Thanks for the great photo's! I really look forward to your blog every day - it's one of the few I notice is missing when it doesn't hit my "inbox"!

Olaf Mitchell said...

Thanks for the update on Boujmaa,s status and for posting the incredible areal transition sequence.
I value MSR's opinions and depend on it for my current local information.
Aloha, Olaf Mitchell

Katie McAnena IR636 said...

GP..... there are no metatarsals in the hand, those are in the foot..... it's metacarpals in the hand!
Just being pedantic! Dr. (well almost!) Katie Mc :-)

Weasels wake said...

A change of direction of the rotation in mid air?!?
Unless he ends the cheese roll with a backwind push, kinda like a push loop, maybe that's it. =/

cammar said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Katie, you're gonna be one of those doctors that makes getting sick/hurt a pleasent experience... :)
I actually found out he broke a finger and so I changed the post accordingly. And this time I do know the difference between fingers and toes, despite the fact that in italian we use the same word for them!!

WW, don't ask me how he does that because I don't have a clew (not a typo...).