Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hookipa jumping session

Yesterday morning there was a JP/NP jumping photoshoot at Lanes while at Hookipa the jumping session with the height measurement devices was on. They told me it was quite a show and I believe it.
I had a morning work shift and I got there at 2.30 when the wind wasn't the strongest on the inside, so I didn't see any crazy high jump. Still way too windy for my taste to go sailing, so I took some pics.
Photo of the day goes to Ben Profitt. And yes, those look like the new Simmer boards but I actually have no idea if that is how the production will look like.

Rest of the photos in chronological order.
Francisco Porcella allegedly went pretty high in the morning.


I believe this is Ben Severne.


Dunno this guy.

Yeah, Grif!



I like this shot because it shows three sailors lined up on three different waves. Wave period is 10 seconds, something that Pat Caldwell would call a quasi-windswell.

Andres digging his arm in the water in the top turn. Love this move.


Keep an eye on this kid. His name is Casey.


Love the foam bath in the background.

Session report.
I got in the water at 4.45 with a 4.7. Middles was very windy and extremely choppy. Hated it and sailed like shit. Then around 5.30 the wind got lighter and turned a bit offshore and the conditions went from shit to heaven in a very short time frame, also because most sailors went back in. I had an absolute blast from 5.30 to 6. Could have kept sailing till 7, but too many surfers out. That's how it is in spring time. The enjoyable wave sailing time window shrinks more and more, but small is better than none (that'll be sumer time), so no complains.
BTW, yesterday I pretty much decided never to wave sail again in more than 20 knots.
But don't take me too seriously on that... abstinence is a powerful thing.

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