Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lots of stuff

Lots of photos and stuff in this post.

Let's start from the photo of the day that goes to Diony.

Then I usually go in chronological order, but I'm happy to make an exception and post this shot of Mark Angulo (who only sailed briefly yesterday) and announce his new website. Check it out:

And now the rest of the shots. These are from Monday. Simmer was shooting and Francisco had this interesting gopro mount.

The stick looked a bit wobbly, but the angle seemed perfect.

Just like this one.

Francisco in action.

This is my helmet stick mount instead. Many readers asked me to post a photo of it after having seen my video of the previous post. Very, very simple to make: make some holes in your helmet so that two hose clamps can go through and then find a light stick where to attach the gopro handle bar mount. How long is the stick? That depends on the length of your arm if you want to put it in a place where you can start and stop the video. If you don't care about that, than you can make it as long as you want. The longer you do it, the better the angle, but the more stress on the your neck muscles. Have fun!
BTW, that's the ghetto looking hood of my car. When I bought it I almost had it painted for $400. Then I thought:"wait a moment, that's a new surfboard! What the hell am I thinking?!". That's an example of Maui values... love my ghetto hood, love my surfboard!

Ben Profitt.

Ben did a video in which you can check some footage from that harness mount above. The video is funny and creative. I'll give him two thumbs up and I feel like embedding it here.

We're changing the A/C at the shop and we had to move a bunch of old stuff. I guess the owner wants to keep some windsurfing history. Check those tails and that fin!

This one instead is a 2011 74l Starboard Quad IQ carbon construction and I'm selling it for $1200. Great board, but a bit small for the always light on the inside wind at Hookipa... Five times in the water, pretty much like new! It comes with 6 fins, so you can ride it as a quad or as a twin.

And now the photos from yesterday: Jason Diffin.



Horrocks (I think).










Jake asked me:"are you taking some nice group shots?"
At one point, I counted 44 sailors in the water...

Peter Bijel (sorry, no idea how to spell the last name and no time to look it up).



Levi showed up late.


One passing by.

El pipe Martinez buries the whole board in the turn.


Port Elizabeth southafrican sailor Dave Wyatt is leaving tonight and he's hoping to catch the leftovers of this swell.... how's that 7.5 meters reading?
Apparently there's breaks in the proximity of Jeffrey's bay that are sailable. Good luck Dave, nice meeting you and thanks for respecting the priority rules!

Got to go to work!!!! Aaarrghhhh!!!!

PS. The jumping contest has been canceled, but there will be a live webcast of a "jumping session" this afternoon. Here's the link.


benjaminpink said...

Great photos.

is that the new simmer board that Ben Profitt is riding?

Nord_Roi said...

Hope Francisco can swin with that device!!! ;-)