Monday, April 18, 2011

thanks uncle Pat

Just read this on uncle Pat's latest forecast and thought it was worth sharing.

Wave watch iii model suggests 10 feet swell has reached the equator south of Hawaii on Monday 4/18, with the jason altimeter 6 am HST 4/18 overpass indicating a pinch less at 8-9 feet. Typical rule of thumb is loss of half the height for each 1000 nm of travel, giving at least the deep water 4 feet for Hawaii.

For someone it might not mean much. For me it's like a mystical revelation.
FYI: there's 60 Nautical miles per degree, so the distance between the equator and Maui is roughly around 1250 nm.

4 feet south swells can be really fun also in Maui. Can't wait to surf my favorite wave on the island. Got to time it right with the tide though! What a lovely game this is...


Anonymous said...

When you think it will hit here?
Gotta plan with kid and wife!

cammar said...

yo Timo,
as usual uncle Pat' is the most reliable source of information.
That is until the swell hits the buoys, which hasn't happened yet.
Tide is going to be more important than arrival time.
AND don't forget this is a south swell in Maui. NEVER have high expectations for those... Kahoolave could kill it as usual.