Thursday, April 28, 2011

rockstar again!

Here's how day 17,641 of my life went.

Woke up pretty tired not having slept well.
Did a couple of hours of computer work:
- blog post
- article for Windnews
- reply to emails of people inquiring about accomodation, cars and gear (I do a lot of that)
Went to Hookipa around 11, sailed with not many people out and loved it till ended up on the rocks.
Took photos for 15 minutes.
Went to work and worked my ass off (where's so freaking busy these days) standing for four hours and moving an unbelievable amount of boards and gear around.
Went to Mana after work to get food and saw the usual entertaining mix of humanity.
Went home, had dinner and realized that that bruise of the hip was hurting a lot...

I'll tell about the bruise at the end, here's the photo of the day. I think it's the first time it goes to a sailor I don't know.

Here's the other ones.
Levi let me try his board. Guess what? I didn't sail like him...

I think these are: Alex in the foreground, Glenn in the background, Diony on the left and Mark on the third wave. Just to compensate a little the lack of knowledge of the first photo.

This kid's name is Moritz. He's German and lives in Gran Canaria. I like the way he sails and the fact that he knows and respects the priority rules. He and his dad came to help me getting out of the rocks... thanks a lot. Ah, he's 15.

Levi did some unbelievable sailing today. I saw a turn from the channel that was just soooo sick. What a privilege to sail with such talented guys!

Rock story.
Usually I never get hurt when I go on the rocks. My policy is to completely disregard the gear as soon as I realize that I'm on the rocks.
I believe that in this way (I do have some knowledge of the matter), I minimize the damage to my body and even to the gear.
But this time, I thought I could come out of it and I kept hanging on the gear and fighting the adverse elements in order to pull back out. That's when you risk to get hurt (or cut), because you don't go with the flow...
As a result I have a bruise on the muscle below my hip and a little ding on my board, but overall it's still nothing really.
Hey, I went on the rocks at the end of April. In a couple of months I'd be stoked to end up on the rocks, but unfortunately that won't even be an option (because of the lack of waves)... but with my skills, never say never!!!

PS. Chris of Black Project fins just emailed me that:
Just had the first person email me saying that they saw the fins on your blog and want to order.
Stoked! Please if you end up contacting any of the advertisers of this blog, make sure to let them know that you saw the banner/text link here. That's an easy way of supporting this blog. Thanks.


Marc said...

great blog post as allways...
the german kids name is Moritz ;-)
great people he and his dad

azuldeultramar said...

Soooo good to see a picture of Moritz here :)

cammar said...

Thanks Marc, I corrected it.

Dani, they mentioned that they know my blog because they have a friend that told them about it... maybe it's you. The windsurfing world is small...

I shared a couple of light wind late session with Moritz and, despite being from Gran Canaria, the kid knows how to sail in light wind... good energy, smiling, not snaking... I like him!

There was other sailor from Gran Canaria earlier this year that instead did not behave as good (not talking about Philip).

Anonymous said...

photo of the day is Ben from Perth Western Aus. He sails for KA sails and Nude boards!

Roger said...

I think that's Ben Newson from West Oz in your photo of the day.

Anonymous said...

Hi GP!
How was Levis board?? Was it the thruster?


cammar said...

Yo Alex,
yes it was the thruster. Those shapes that you guys use are so different that I can't make an opinion based on 4 waves...

azuldeultramar said...

Hi Giampaolo, it was me, small world as you say :)

He is such a nice kid, so is his dad too, as most of the young kids windsurfing now in Pozo, it's so good to see a healty and respectful new generation in the water.



Robert said...

Thats my son Ben in the photo of the day. I have taught him everything he knows.

Rob Newson

Anonymous said...

yup, the guy in the first pic is Ben Newson. Great all round nice guy from Western Australia. Well, he is actually from Queensland but we won't hold that against him.