Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another very good day to be recovering

Maui has always been the Mecca for both windsurfing and kitesurfing.
Thanks to its wind and with the new shift of surfing towards the aerial manouvres,  it may now well become the surfing Mecca too.

Well, we'll see about that, but for sure today there was all kind of action in the water and the level was mind blowing. In fact, here's a brief summary of who was in the water:

- The new generation of windsurfing kids ripping it up at Lanes.
- 13 times (or whatever they were) world champion Robby Windsurfing Naish.
- 2 times SUP world champion Kai Lenny.
- An old windsurfing legend like Pete Cabrinha killing it with the kite.
- The new aerialist surfing masters Meola and Leyer.

Despite all that, I'll keep the chronological order and start the photo show with my buddy Brad! Awwright!

Brad (from now on B-rad) did pretty good for his second day at Lanes with the Kona

this kiter had straps, yet he couldn't keep that rail in the water


B-rad again. He wasn't anywhere close to landing those crazy attempts, but I'll take my hat off anyway.

Pete Cabrinha instead was way more in control strapless. That doesn't make any sense to me. Unless, the strapped guy was overpowered. Could also be a matter of skill...

Nick (sorry, bit blurry)

Ops, Mr Cabrinha lost it.

B-rad all over the place. The board is from the Hi-Tech rentals. The place to go if you want a Quatro multi-fin.

Robby showed up with the second shift.

Kai too.

Robby making it look like a piece of cake.


Robby enjoying a piss on his sail. That's how real men do.

Oh, hello!





surfer at The point

Kai switched over to SUP and did a bunch of aerials like this.

back to Lanes: Morgan

back to Hookipa: Bernd gets a little cover up. What a fun session to watch.

Matt Meola spins the top turn

Taboul attacks a lip

Albee Layer rotates an aerial 360. On this one, he's grabbing a rail, but he did a bunch with no grabs. Pretty insane.

Tomorrow I go back to work.
The day after tomorrow I go back in the water.
I promise.


Anonymous said...

I love watching Albee Layer surf. Pretty impressive, and his part in Innersection was a standout.

Weasel's wake said...

"Pete Cabrinha instead was way more in control strapless. That doesn't make any sense to me."

Most of my kiting buddies go strapless now days, I've been told (I'm not a kiter) that it's because you can actually get better control of the board on the waves just like w/ regular surfing. You can bury the inside rail of the board during a hard turn much easier, straps keep the board flatter, not as good for hard turns.