Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just another beautiful day in paradise

I'll tell about my sessions later, let's start the photo report.

this guy came out of the water after this wave and is going to score a free photo. He gave me his email address...

a smile most women can't resist

Hookipa around 5pm. I have never seen anyone getting barreled at Middles unless it's blowind Kona.

the guy who did that amazing performance, gets rewarded with another shot

there were some fun sections

my new friend

great way to enjoy the show of the sunset on the cliff in front of the waves

Federico's leash broke in two points. That's another first.

not a bad one

not a bad one!!!!!

My sessions. Kanaha in the morning was just beautiful. Unfortunately also inconsistent, and with a hord of standuppers and longboards my choice of riding a 6.6 was probably not the best. But I got my waves and I had fun anyway...

Second session was on the standup, but it was a little onshore and bumpy.

Now a bit of gopro action.

glassy and sunny

that's my dad's nose and that's where I'm headed, I guess...

Here's a clip.

Couple of more days of glassy waves ahead of us. No complains about that!

Oh, Jimmie Hepp just posted this nice photo of me on my FB wall. Thanks Jimmie!

PS. Jamie O'Brien got bored of getting barreled at Pipe and came out with a feature that I really hope no one will try in a crowded lineup in Maui... Check this out!

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