Sunday, January 29, 2012

the luxury of deliberately choosing not to sail...

Well, my hopes of bad conditions in order to take a full day of rest were sure fulfilled today.

As usual, when most of the readers will see the photos will go:"what the hell is he talking about?!?"
Guys, I know that this would have been epic for most of you.
- these are the best sailors in the world and make it look good also when it's not.
- I'm not most of you and I'm extremely spoiled and picky (and in need of a rest).

Hookipa looked horrible the whole day for my taste. Strong wind, huge chop, shapeless waves. I had a 9 out of 10 session the day before, why bother with a session I knew EXACTLY was going to be a 1 out of 10?

So I took a bunch of photos instead. Here's the two best ones.

Mark Angulo was in form with his Mutant thing.

beautiful tweaked aerial by Browsinho back in Maui after a South Africa trip

Chronological order from now on.

Kai bottom turn

a professional ocean athlete

Browsinho's backloops are now in my top three favorites together with Francisco Goya's and Nico's. I really like his style.

Ferdinando's reef tattoo. It was very shallow at low tide.


Japanese sailor Masa sailed extremely well. A couple of times he looked like Keith!

the goiter machine (AKA as Browsinho)

Francisco Porcella




And Mark

Tomorrow there's a large swell on the rise but the wind will keep cranking so it will be very choppy again. I have no expectations whatsoever about tomorrow.

Nonethelss, I do see some potential epicness in the immediate future. That's a good feeling.

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Anonymous said...

It's awesome to have the posibility not to sail those conditions..seen from Europe they look like heaven on earth.