Sunday, January 15, 2012

immediate karma punishment

Guess I bragged too much about my amazing first 10 days of the year...

The punishment came in a viral form that knocked me out in bed for four days. Today I was finally able to step outside, but I still have a sore throat, so I'm not out of it yet.
It's definitely going around a lot in Maui these days.

I missed some of the best surfing days of the year, but that's ok... it could be worse and there will be more epic days.

Small Kona conditions saw some sailors out at Lanes. I don't have a favorite one, so here are my photos in chronological order. Gonna try that "add a caption" feature, so for the first time, the caption will be under the photo, not above.
The caption font is kinda small, please let me know how you like it.


believe it or not, I don't know who this is

everybody know who this is intead. Or at least, everybody know his photos. Mr. Jimmie Hepp.

As he often does, Morgan got better throughout his whole session

Josh Stone came down with his kid from the upwind neighborhood...

...and as always left his mark of style and stoke.



Glenn brought me groceries yesterday. Not exactly the sexiest of the nurses, but better than nothing! Thanks brah, eh!

And that's when Philip Koster entered the arena.

His aerials were precise and powerful

Kai Lenny was no slouch either

the german kid was definitely at ease on this tack...

...but he's still only sailing Uppers on starboard tack. Afraid not to be the best one at Hookipa like a PWA champion is expected to be? Sponsors' order? Lack of car ride? Who knows. I'll send him a message and ask him...

despite that, the beginning of 2012 remains epic from all point of views

I just hope I'll be back in the water soon. :(


Austin said...

Nice work! Great to see some fresh pics from the "Rock". Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

It definitely shows that the Ho'o guys are not used to port. A lot less rad action than normal for that kind of conditions. That's probably why Philip outshines them so much more easily.

Anonymous said...

I think he sailed everytime in camp one to improve his jumping and hes still17 so he does not have a car...In spain it is with 18.he ripped at hookipa last year so hes not afraid to sail there!

Unknown said...

Looked like he was sail testing prototypes with a crew from NP everyday. Kauli and other riders recently spotted there, too. Probably intentionally they keep away from camera lenses at hookipa. Philip was killing it...double forward aerial off the lip, really nice hits, super high goiters, and cool freestyle. Was a real treat to watch!

Anonymous said...

belive it or not I know that's Laurent!

cammar said...

Wrong. It's another french guy though.