Tuesday, January 24, 2012

worst windsurf session ever?

This photo report is from Sunday, most likely my worst windsurfing session ever.

The wind was gusting 10 to 30 and I just can't sail in those conditions. I mean, look at the graph from iWindsurf.com! Steady 20 mph between gusts and lulls. Pure shit in my book.

So I sat all day and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at the beach, while taking some photos from a different angle. Here we go.

Despite this nice hit, Josh Stone commented "it was pretty rough out there!"


Maurizio Ubaldi sailed really well. I was impressed.

Morgan dominated the field. Without a doubt, the best sailor of the day. Good job.


Good day to wear a helmet!

Morgan tried at least 30 goiters. Sure enough, one day he'll land them all...

a pair of those

digital zoom is no good on this camera. Nice hit by Junko anyway.


oh, hello!

the famous downwind facing dog!

Nathan Mershon

el pipe Martinez

goiter attempt #23 for Morgan

here he is again, just in a "simple" aerial


last, but not least, B-rad

As I posted on Facebook, "if Maui was always this windy, I'd be out of here in no time. Fortunately, it's not!".

In fact, Monday I enjoyed two glassy morning surf sessions before work and today (Tuesday), I surfed in the morning, worked, sailed (in beautiful super light wind conditions with only two other guys out most of the session), and surfed again.

After that nasty flu that made me miss the best surfing week of the year (so far), I can officially declare that I have all my energies back. I still cough and have to clear my throat once in a while, so I'm not lowering the guard and the intake of all the natural immune system boosters, but I got my energies back and that feels awfully good!

Tomorrow the waves will be bigger, which is not a thing that I necessarily like, but I can guarantee you that I will catch some. Well I'm actually off, so make that.. a lot.

Life is good in the 808.

PS. Volcom Pipe Pro most likely to start tomorrow.


Brian S said...

You're a one-percenter. That wind chart would be a good day for those of us in the midwest!

Anonymous said...

Giampaolo, please listen to a bit of perspective. Where I live in Connecticut, USA, when the wind is up it is often that gusty. And I take what mother nature gives with gratitude. Because the wind is not often up. Your day may not have been ideal for you, but for those of us who do not live in a tropical paradise with steady trade winds, your day was far more than good. I've driven two hours each way to sail in wind like that with a drysuit, booties, gloves and hood with a 45F air temperature and 50F water temperature. And loved it. -Will Seibert

Anonymous said...

I kited it & it was rough. Incredible to see it all. One of those sites you have to see in person. Hats off to all those sailors. The guy hitting goiters was the bomb!!!!


cammar said...

First two comments:
I know I'm a one-percenter and that is not by chance. I used to be a 99-percenter till 11 years ago... I didn't forget.
I don't mean to lack respect for you guys.
But I'm now a one-percenter and I have a one-percenter view of my life (thank god!). That's what you're going to see on this blog. And that's why people actually like this blog, I guess.
Said this, that was my worst windsurfing session ever, including 20 years of windsurfing as a 99-percenter in Italy.
That was just plain horrible you guys. Unsailable for my skills.

Kiter, thanks for your comment. Morgan is headed straight to the top of the windsurfing world. Together with a few more Maui kids.

cammar said...

Oh, on the other hand, the session I described with that super light wind was awesome. 99-percenters would have not even thought about windsurfing. Even 99-percent of Maui sailors!
What I'm trying to say is that personal preference plays a huge role.
I'm a windsurfer, yet I dislike strong wind. For me, the less wind, the better. I know it sounds weird to the 99-percent, but that's the way it is for me...
Ah, the tough life of a one-percenter... no one understands me! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't come to Wellington NZ ;)

Wind stats from my session yesterday:

Average wind speed 38knots, max gust 55knots, min 25knots.

Tuesday looks like even more wind and gustier.