Monday, January 16, 2012

the Bernd Roediger show

Another day of kona wind.

This time just really light and with some bigger waves.
Bernd was the first one out and he stuck an a beautiful aerial on pretty much each single wave he caught. Like these three.

the surfers at Hookipa weren't too bored either

Brad used to live in Maui. We shared the office many times (teaching windsurfing at Kanaha). Now he's taking care of a family business somewhere on the mainland. He misses the ocean, but he goes snowboarding and he just came back to Maui for a vacation with his girlfriend... life can be a lot worse than that. Shoots brah!

Zack Howard. This turn was much better than it looks. I got it just a tiny fraction of a second too late.

him again

Bernd again

good job, Meesh!

untired, after the windsurf session Bernd ripped a few more on his SUP

Pascal showed up late, but got his share

just like Morgan

My throat is still not ok and the energy level is still very low, so I had to ditch work again. I know, I could be in a worse place than this, but god... how many good waves am I missing?!?!
6 days out of the water in the middle of January.... What did I do to deserve this...


Meesh said...

GP I can't believe you are still sick! That sucks, hope you are better and back on the water soon! In the meantime, continue to take pics of us ;)

flykatcher said...

Get well soon GP !

Tanya De Leeuw said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, GP!

paul said...

hope your feeling better, thanks for sharing