Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Indo report. Day 11 - Wednesday August 9th

Morning session was down to waist to chest high (like the one in the picture). Still fun until it got crowded with 20 people already at 7am. I caught a few and I gave it a 5.

Afternoon session was waist high and as small as it got so far. Still got a few, but I didn't take the gopro out, so here's a sunset shot.

Tomorrow should be still small (hopefully a bit bigger), before a medium pulse on Friday. Next week looks like solid size instead.

In the meantime, I finished reading the Michael Singer's book "The surrender experiment: my journey into life's perfection".
The author describes the extraordinary turns of events that happened in his life once he forced himself to not follow his mind's preferences, and accepted without resistance everything that happened instead (hence the title).
He's obviously also a very smart person, as he ends up putting together some extremely succesfull businesses, which, in my overly sceptical view, takes a bit away from the spiritual message.
I guess I have to learn myself to quiet the mind's judgements. as I was definitely not expecting such a story after having read the incredibly enlightnening "The untethered soul", which, in my opinion, remains a masterpiece of western spirituality.
The last 20% of the book offers an even more unexpected turn of events that increased my overall score up to a 7.5 .

Next, I'm gonna read one of the two books that Singer mentions as profound inspirations in his spiritual path. I'll buy the other one too, as soon as I get back to a place with WI-FI.

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