Thursday, August 17, 2017

Indo report. Day 19 - August 17th

I skipped the morning session to give the cut a full 48 hours of dryness and hit the water after lunch.
Conditions were pristine with head and a half to double overhead sets: 9.2.
I forgot about the cut pretty much right away, which means that I wasn't feeling it at all and that was really good news.
It was my first time ever that I surfed with stitches and I was glad to find out that it was just fine. The following shots speak by themselves.


Anonymous said...

super conditions and super pics !
good job GP !

Anonymous said...

bello bello !
ma a parte alba e tramonto in cui immagino ci sia poco vento
non รจ buono con marea giusta anche durante le altre ore del giorno
e magari con meno gente sul picco ?!

TonyWind said...

You scoring big times, GP. Why not posting a video once in a while? Slow internet connection?

cammar said...

Teo, as long as it's light offshore, it's good at any time and any tide. My afternoon sessions are often just after lunch and yes, less people.

Tony, I'm posting from my phone. When back in Maui I'll post a video with the best waves.
Thanks for reading you guys!