Thursday, August 10, 2017

Indo report. Day 12 - Wednesday August 10th

The morning session offered the nice surprise of the size back to chest to shoulder high. I got a lot of waves and gave it a 7.
Here's three shots from it. Loading up a bottom turn.

Loading up a top turn.

The body language shows that I'm giving up on chasing this one (too fast), but I love that lip line.

I've been using my local board n.4 for a few sessions now (a 6.1 Payzel Grunt) and even though I remember enjoying it last year, I can't seem to like it this year.

The tail seems a little wider than the Pang and that should make it better for smaller waves, but it feels slower.
So I took the Pang out in the afternoon and I can confirm that I just like it better.
The waves were pretty damn good with a new solid head high 17 seconds pulse picking up throughout the session, which I ranked 8.5 also thanks to a thin crowd.
In this particular case, the Magicseaweed forecast was spot on, while the Surfline one wasn't.

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