Monday, July 15, 2019

Monday 7 15 19 morning call

The big swell didn't disappoint and here's a ton of pictures from yesterday. We'll start with three different breaks of the Lahaina 2 miles miracle. Bruddah Kaleo off the bottom.

Conditions at the harbor for the second day of the contest were maxed out. Thanks to the deep water boat channel the harbor has always the biggest size when it's small, but when it's big, it breaks close to the channel and there's not much to do after the drop. Very challenging for the competitors.

Somehow the better guys were making it work anyway, this is Levi Young.

I see long period waves anywhere.

Kai Lenny.

Kai Penny.

Kai Lenny's girlfriend (Kai Penny can't afford one).

I know that Kai Lenny surfed at least three different spots, but I have the feeling he did much more than that. This one gives you a better idea of the size. He came out just when I paddled out and the clash of the Kai's didn't happen... yet.

This is Maalaea.

Jud Lau.
John Patao shot the shorebreak at Makena.
Yuri Soledade shredding as usual.

This is La Perouse (photo by Dave Lane). I saw some videos too, looked pretty gnarly.
These are a couple of my waves from the first session which was really good.

3am significant buoy readings and discussion
4.2ft @ 17s from 190° (S)
4.6ft @ 17s from 194° (SSW)
I got a lot of things wrong with this swell. Below is the hopefully not confusing collage of
1) Lanai graph yesterday
2) Samoa graph till Wednesday
3) Lanai graph today.
After that very graphs I pointed out yesterday, Lanai went up a notch (up to almost 6ft 17s, highlighted part of the last graph on the right), which makes me think that Samoa must have done the same on Thursday. Unfortunately I don't have that piece of graph, so I can't be 100% sure, but that would justify the increase. Samoa was 8ft 18s on Wednesday and that, imo, remains the section of the graph that was similar to Lanai (highlighted sections on the first two graphs on the left). But 8ft 18 at Samoa cannot become 6ft 17s at Lanai. Not 100% sure that the period grows with the travel, but for sure it doesn't go down, it's the size that does so. I believe Samoa must have gone up to 10+ft 15s or something like that on Thursday.

But very few will care about this, what counts is that this morning we have a super solid 4.6ft 17s at Lanai and that means another full day of big waves (although not as big as yesterday) with a slow declining trend.
This is a set at the harbor in the dark, check the webcam yourself before going.
North shore
3ft @ 5s from 74° (ENE)
Another flat day on the north shore.
 Wind map at noon.
North Pacific has again a small/weak but very close northerly fetch.
South Pacific has an elongated fetch in the Tasman Sea and a small one SE of New Zealand. Good, hopefully the flat spell at the end of this week/swell won't last long.
Morning sky.

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