Saturday, July 27, 2019

Saturday 7 27 19 morning call

No photos from yesterday, here's Hi-Tech manager Steve Roan flying pretty high on his Gofoil Iwa wing.

He will be very busy running the Maui Race Series windsurfing races at Kanaha for the next three days.

4am significant buoy readings and discussion
South shore
2.1ft @ 14s from 177° (S)

2.1ft @ 13s from 169° (SSE)

No matter what the buoys show in terms of directions, if you remember the position of the fetches, you know that there is still a mix of SSW and SSE in the water. It wasn't particularly impressive in Lahaina yesterday (also because of an early onshore flow), but there were some waves and more there will be today. So look at the webcam and decide. Looks small, but nice and empty at 5.30am.

But if you watch long enough, you can see there's bigger sets like this 5.40am one I caught while brushing my teeth. Still empty.

North shore
4ft @ 6s from 85° (E)
3.3ft @ 7s from 80° (E)
4.7ft @ 8s from 81° (E)
Windswell in a down phase, the waves at Hookipa will probably be tiny, as usual a bit bigger on eastern exposures.
Wind map at noon.

North Pacific only has the (weak) windswell fetch.

Yesterday's straight south fetch moved to the east, but right now is still in a decent position. As soon as it moves east of the 160 degrees great circle ray, it will be blocked by the Big Island.

Morning sky.

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