Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tuesday 7 16 19 morning call

Another great day of surfing on the south shore yesterday, Olowalu had some size.

The lefts had shape too.

This is an image of Tide Rivers at La Perouse on Sunday by Randy Sarrow. Images of surf breaks from blog readers are of great value for the blog, just make sure you send it to me the same day you take them please. Thanks!

3am significant buoy readings and discussion
3.2ft @ 15s from 194° (SSW)

3.7ft @ 15s from 190° (S)

Below is the Lanai graph showing a steady and slow downward trend in both size and period. That's what swells do and it's particularly noticeable with south swells, as it happens very slowly. A long travel distance spaces out the different periods travelling at different speeds more than a short travel distance.

Reader Scott Werden sent me this very interesting message: regarding your comment this morning about why the Samoa buoy seemed to have less energy than the buoys around Hawaii - the Samoa buoy is very close to shore, in only 82 meters of water. That is pretty shallow and I suspect there is a lot of attenuation of the swell and other interference effects from the shelf it is sitting on. Didn't know that, thanks a lot.

3.7ft @15s is still quite a bit more than the "background" summer energy (more like 1-2ft 12-14s), so enjoy this other day of waves possibly still overhead at select spots, before it goes real small for the weekend. Tomorrow should be smaller, but still fun too. Here's a harbor beauty in the dark, check the webcam before going.

North shore
3.1ft @ 6s from 11° (NNE)

2.4ft @ 6s from 353° (N)

3.3ft @ 5s from 80° (E)

Very small short period northerly energy coming from the fetch I highlighted on the maps of the 14th and 15th is at the local buoys. The easterly windswell is even shorter period, overall it should be another day of close to flat conditions on the north shore. Might improve a bit as the first component should come up a bit.

Wind map at noon.

Nothing in the North Pacific.

South Pacific has a nice fetch in the Tasman sea and a small/weak SSE one. The one circled in black will be unfortunately blocked by New Zealand.

Morning sky.

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