Thursday, August 08, 2019

Thursday 8 8 19 morning call

Gofoil posted a couple of shots from Tuesday sunset session at Hookipa with the Aussies. This is James Casey who temporary abandoned his paddle in the lineup.

Those guys were on the GL's and were doing circles pumping back to the next wave for minutes. Kai Penny saw them from the beach, put on the Maliko 200 (which he didn't use in ages) and went to try to do the same... looks like an overfoil to me!
Lower left rib sticks out in a scarily unnatural way, can't believe that thing doesn't break every time I lay down on a surfboard.

3am significant buoy readings and discussion
South shore
1.4ft @ 14s from 206° (SSW)
0.8ft @ 18s from 210° (SSW)

1.3ft @ 18s from 200° (SSW)
1.3ft @ 13s from 196° (SSW)

Beautiful numbers at the local buoys, a small background of 13-14s energy with the new Tasman Sea pulse coming up very nicely at Lanai with 1.3ft 18s. Always check the webcam before going nonetheless, consistency is usually very low at the beginning of a low long period SSW swell.
Here's how Pat Caldwell described the complex evolution of the fetches that generated the round of swells that will bless us for the rest of this week and the beginning of the next.

Overlapping Tasman Sea swell out of 208-220 degrees and New Zealand swell from 185-200 degrees are expected this period with peak days near to a notch above the average.
The Tasman Sea had back-to-back low pressure areas within 7/28-8/4. A compact, storm-force system raced east to the SE of Tasmania 8/1-2. This is expected to start a new, low, long-period swell locally on Thursday 8/8. On its heels in the Tasman was a much broader severe gale that had a wider, longer fetch northward toward the subtropics west of New Zealand. This source should trend up Saturday, peak Sunday, and slowly drop Monday.

The low pressure areas began moving east of New Zealand starting 7/31. The first pattern had a narrow fetch of gales 7/31-8/1 hugging the New Zealand east coast. As the system moved east, the aim of the seas became less at Hawaii and more at the Americas. This source is predicted to bring moderate-period swell to Hawaii starting near sundown Thursday, peaking Friday, and dropping Saturday.

Two sources filled the 185-200 degree window just east of New Zealand 8/4-6. The stronger portion was further south near 60S 8/4 and weakened as the captured fetch pushed NNE towards Hawaii into 8/5. The second fetch was just east of New Zealand with marginal gales. This system did similar to the 8/1 system with less aim at Hawaii as it moved east 8/5-6. Both portions should start to build locally Sunday 8/11 since the longer wave periods of the former catch up with the latter. The event should build locally Monday 8/12 from 185-200 degrees to near or a notch above the average.

This collage of the maps of August 1 through 5 might help follow him. Hawaii is in the top right corner of each map.

And this is how Cloudbreak looked on the 4th, posted by Brothers Surf Tours.

And this is how it looked yesterday, little smaller but still pretty solid.

North shore
2.7ft @ 6s from 92° (E)

Windswell down to minimum levels, north shore is going to be flat (like yesterday).

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific has the two distant, compact and intense west fetches and the closeby, elongated and weak (just the opposite!) easterly windswell fetch.

Little nice fetch down south.

Morning sky.

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