Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Tuesday 8 13 19 morning call

Another great day of waves on the south shore. This time I did take a photo of the day, but I must have deleted inadvertently, so here's the break called Coke's in the Maldives in a recent swell by Maldives Surf Photographer.

3am significant buoy readings and discussion.
South shore
2.8ft @ 15s from 197° (SSW)
2.1ft @ 9s from 166° (SSE)
2ft @ 13s from 197° (SSW)            

3ft @ 15s from 193° (SSW)
2.9ft @ 9s from 159° (SSE)
2.1ft @ 13s from 189° (S)
3ft 15s again, what else do you want again? Today there's also 2ft 13s and a 3ft 9s southern hemisphere trades windswell that hopefully won't disrupt the lineups much.
This is Pat Cladwell's newest write-up describing the history of the fetches.
The mid latitudes of the southern hemisphere had low pressure over New Zealand that shifted eastward 8/4-7. Longer-period swell generated in the Tasman Sea 8/2-4 is arriving locally in Hawaii 8/12 from 208-220 degrees. This energy is expected to drop on Tuesday.
As the low pressure moved east away from New Zealand 8/4, a long, wide fetch over the 185-200 degree band set up with a downward trend in the ocean surface winds 8/4-7. This event has arrived in Hawaii 8/12. The NOAA southern buoys 51002 and 51004 show an upward trend Monday morning in the 13-16s bands. This event is expected to peak overnight and slowly drop while remaining above average into dawn Wednesday. Shorter-period swell should keep the event within background to average 8/14-17 with an overall downward trend from 180-200 degrees.
And this is the collage of the fetches maps from August 1 to 5 which might help.
This is the Lahaina webcam at sunset: it was pumping. Check it out before going.

North shore
2.2ft @ 8s from 34° (NE)                        
1.6ft @ 13s from 273° (W)

1.8ft @ 8s
0.8ft @ 15s from 268° (W)                        
0.7ft @ 13s from 268° (W)

2.9ft @ 8s from 102° (ESE)

Mokapu shows no significant E windswell. Hanalei and Waimea have small W readings from the typhoons, but this energy is predicted to increase tomorrow. Notice also the 8s NE energy (might be more from the N, actually) coming from the re-organized remnants of Flossie, which gave small waves to Hookipa yesterday (and should also today) and I completely forgot to mention in yesterday's call.

Wind map at noon.

North Pacific has mostly the W fetch of Krosa and a couple of other small ones.

Really good fetches in the South Pacific for another good swell next week.

Morning sky.

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