Monday, August 01, 2005

Claudio Chiappari (from Rome) places one of his freestyle tricks with a yet to be released Hot Sails Spyclone.


Anonymous said...

aloha gianpaolo

great pics and wet adventures. thanks for your diligence here. may your sails send you into sunsets fantastic and may your site ambitions benefit children in need one day soon.

sorry you did not win big in stunned chicken lotto. maybe next time. meanwhile, steer clear of roosters, always.

and yes...i did click on the banner. I even found something I am going to PURCHASE.

ciao bello

cammar said...

Whoever you are (I do have an idea, but not sure...), thanks for your comment.
Banners: as soon as I reach the money to pay my yearly subscription to Surfline (that I use to make my forecast), all the rest will go to charity. So, COAB everybody!

Anonymous said...

pls click