Monday, March 27, 2006

I just installed a sw that counts the people that connects to this blog and gives me all kinds of statistics (check yourself at the very bottom, they are public). The first 4 people that visited this page were from: Maui (of course), Italy (and you can expect that too), France (!), Australia (!!).
It shocked me. In a pleasent way, of course.
I don't exactly know why I like to post these photos on this blog. I like sharing, of course. And my narcissism plays a big role too (see the photo with the boa below...). But there's something else that I still have to figure out... I'll let you know, eventually.
Anyway, having guests from all over the world feels really cool and motivates me to post more. So here we go.

The sunset at Hookipa today was da kine. After so much rain, the air was incredibly clean and Molokai looked the closest it ever looked. I also noticed some resemblance with the contour of the island of Capri. Considering that the West Maui Mountain looks like the Vesuvio, it was quite trippy to see them lined up... also because from the window of my parents' house in Napoli, the are opposite to each other!

Ok, since I just got the writing going, I'm going to tell you the close encounter I had yesterday. After a first surf session at Hookipa, I went to Kanaha and did some stand up surfing too. Then it got windy and I replaced the paddle with a 5.5 sail. For more than an hour I was ablsolutely alone out there. Actually, that's not true. A phantasmagoria of whales was going off around me. I went to say hi and I ran into a huge mother with her calf. The calf was probably learning how to jump and seemed to enjoy it a lot. The mom was just cruising making sure that everything was ok. At one moment I was at about 20-30 yards but they were not scared at all... the baby kept on jumping. For me it was an intense moment of communion with nature.

Yes, I like living in Maui, can you tell?


Anonymous said...

You have a reader from Spain as well ;-)

It is always nice to open a new window to your world through your blog.

Keep rocking and you are invited to visit mine as well!

Surf Kultura

Anonymous said...

Hi, I stumbled on your blog beginning this month and was so impressed I started one of my own, but modeling after yours. Your pictures are great (except for the silly boa feathers!!). I love your blog that much I've put a link to yours in mine. Co-incidentally, I put a counter in my blog today too.

cammar said...

Thank you guys for posting a comment. I checked both sites and
I invite all my guests to do the same.
SK, you're right. That's what blogs are: windows on other people's worlds. There's always something interesting to learn out there...

Quite trippy to visit Lim's one, because it looks just like mine, but somebody else filled it in...
Lim, thanks for the link. I'll send you a few more boa feathers photos to thank you, ok? :-)

Anonymous said... about a pic of you eating a taroburger?

Anonymous said...

Olas GiamPaolo,

I will be in Maui next 10 of April, and stay for one Month (well, i hope). I read your blog,because i have Italian friends how live near Guincho, Portugal. They start to surf too, after windsurfing in Guincho. THey are all from Napoli. Maybe i will yake my notebook and update the website i will create there, See you in the water GianPaolo...GRAZIE!!!!
Portugal, Guincho

cammar said...

Hola Rui, eu gostei muito praia do Guincho... I went there for windsurfing vacation 2 or 3 times and I loved it. I can't forget sailing at sunset at 9.30 pm!!!
Send me an email if you need me to help you with anything in Maui: car, place to stay, etc...:
Ciao, ci vediamo.

Anonymous said...

La miglior vacanza della mia vita...and sorry if my english is not that good!

Giampà, che te lo dico a fà...Hookipa rules...

Quando sono arrivato al lookout con la macchina per la prima volta e ho visto lo zio Robby che armava la vela mi veniva da piangere per la gioia...

Please, just keep on picking photos and describing your (our) paradise. The dream must go on