Saturday, January 31, 2009

two short clips from the boom

Sunday morning update: I added a photo and another clip at the end.


Howzit everyone!

Hookipa has been superfun the last couple of days. Fun size, not too strong and gusty wind, perfect (that meaning slightly underpowered) 4.7 and 75l for me.
I've put my new wide angle Gopro's (clearly I got two...) on two different spots on the boom. No time at all to edit all the clips I shot, but I feel like posting two unedited clips so that you guys can have an idea of the different point of views.

This first one shows the head band camera I used in Uppers vs Lowers (already a classic, somebody told me at the beach) and how I start the video on it. It even shows an half way decent turn!

gopro short clip from the front of the boom from giampaolo cammarota on Vimeo.

This second one, instead, shows first a lame ride on a tiny wave. But after I jibe I was so lucky to film 12 y.o. Bernd who did a really nice aerial right upwind of me.
Afterward, he was so nice to apologize and ask me if he was too close to me.
"Well, you were a bit close", I said, "but hopefully we got lucky and I got that on video!"
There you go little monkey... you own me a wave next time! ;)

gopro clip with Bernd's aerial from giampaolo cammarota on Vimeo.

Well, I know that you guys have been looping on Bernd's aerial a thousand times, but now you should try to get to the very end of the clip. Just look at the color of the sky if you get bored...
See that totally unconscious tapping I do with my thumbs? My dad does the same thing on the wheel while driving the car!
Now, how is that? What kind of thumb tapping gene did he pass me?! I got to show him this...

As kindly requested, here is the mount I use for the boom. It's a standard accessory. I believe it's the Roll Bar Mount you find scrolling down the GoPro main page. Not 100% sure though, since they sent it to me without telling me what exactly was, but from the description it really looks like it.
I think I had to buy the screws and washers to adapt it to go on the boom. As you can see, there's plenty joints (and I have even more) that will allow you to give turn the camera according to the angle you want to get.

And, while we're at it, here's another little clip that shows Glenn on a wave. In it you can also see how the mount looks on the boom. That position though, is a bit too close. In fact it gets in the way of the back hand when you sheet in in the bottom turn. Next day I moved it a few more inches back and even though it wasn't super easy to reach, it was not in the way at all.
Why do I always want to be able to reach to camera to start and stop the videos?
'Cause it saves me a load of time in the editing process. Plus if I didn't, now you guys would not be able to enjoy these unedited short clips...

short gopro clip of Glenn from giampaolo cammarota on Vimeo.


Victoria said...

Hey GP - so how do you mount the camera on boom / headband - can you put up some pics of the set-up please in a little more detail?


pat said...

really nice movies giampaolo
grtzs windthings

Anonymous said...

This camera rocks! Very very beautyful colours.

cammar said...

Northy, just added a pic and a clip to answer that.

De leden and Eric, thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...


Nice timing - the arial was very cool!

As a side note, that camera angle is great for teaching newbie wave sailors about hand positioning on the boom - reaching back on the bottom turn and then forward on the top turn.

Thanks for the videos,

Acewave said...

These videos are excellent! I have gone and ordered the GoPro Helmet Hero Wide based on what I've seen on your blog.

cammar said...


the "nice timing" goes to Bernd! I shot his aerial just because I jibed at the end of my wave without having the possibility to turn off the camera.
BTW, my jibe was a mistake. I should have ridden that wave all the way to the inside. Jibing in the middle of the impact zone without checking what's behind you can be a bad thing for two reasons:
1) there might be a big wave behind (not really a problem that day, since it was pretty small)
2) you could be in the way of other people's rides.
And that's exactly what happened. In fact after Bernd apoligized for doing the aerial too close to me, I apoligized back because I should have not jibed there. It was my fault to be on his way and I almost ruined his aerial opportunity. Fortunately, he's good enough to do things like that in good control...

Teaching wave sailing with these videos? Sure, everything helps. It would help more putting the camera on the student's boom though. Or even better, having the instructor follow the student while he wave rides. BTW, I totally offer that kind of service if someone is interested. Private lessons and videos... email me if interested.

Andrew, thanks for your comment. I'm sure the guys at GoPro are pretty happy about it...