Wednesday, November 03, 2010

to Andy

A couple of waves from Monday's sailing session. Once again, the other sailor is Pascal.

nov 1st 2010. One wave up the coast. from giampaolo cammarota on Vimeo.

Nov 1st 2010. Another wave up the coast. from giampaolo cammarota on Vimeo.

And this are a couple of shots of my last wave that I shared with Russ.

You guys think I need a new boom? Why?! It still has some of the grip on it!!!

And now a few pics from yesterday (Tuesday), the big day.
The sunrise was spectacular.

Bill was out early taking photos.

He took this photo of me. Check the wave on the background...

This one's title is: a new day shines on Maui's beautiful voting signs. Damn, do those people at least pay to ruin the landscape (and my photos) like that?

Jaws was going off, but Pier one wasn't small either.

And some energy was definitely getting into the harbor.

For me this is way more impressive that the tow guy on the four times overhead wave. No judgment, just preference.

This guy ripped.

"Sorry, I can't come to work because I have a terrible cold!"


Ripping sistah.

Allright, it's the dawn of another big day. The surfing will have to happen in the morning because the wind is going to turn onshore (too light to sail, I think... I better I hope, since I have to work in the afternoon!) quite early. Let's see if I manage to squeeze a sesh in.
If I do, I will dedicate my first wave (as this whole post) to the memory of three times world champion of surfing Andy Irons that passed away yesterday at age 32.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful sky shots GP - nice to see something a little different in your post. Sobering dedication at the end - that's far too young to die.